My Kitchen. My Retreat!

Valentina in her Kitchen Retreat with her boysSo here I go.  My first post on my blog. Yay!  Welcome! I’m excited!

Cooking on the Weekends is about exactly that — cooking on the weekends! There’s more free time on the weekends than during busy weekdays.  More time to braise, roast, layer, saute, grill, chop, mix, mash, and create in the kitchen.  More time to entertain friends and family.  And hopefully . . . more time to relax and enjoy meals!

That said, I have to admit right off: I rarely feel that I have more time on the weekends.  Seven days a week, I’m only barely keeping up with everything. It’s impossible to get ahead.

To be honest, it’s crazy at my house on the weekends.  And I mean crazy.  Crazy features my two little boys with unbelievable energy and my husband who just might have the kids beat in the enthusiasm department!  It’s mayhem. It’s chaotic. It’s loud. It’s fun. And it’s very sweet. My boys are the primary focus of my life, and I love it.Valentina's husband and kids-Kitchen RetreatOn the weekends I retreat to the kitchen.  I love it there.  No matter what’s going on in the house, the kitchen is pretty peaceful. It’s a happy place where I’m comfortable. On any Saturday or Sunday, I’m testing recipes, photographing food, cooking and planning meals.  So yes, I retreat to my cozy kitchen where I can still hear all the hullabaloo . . . and where I can cook.

You can learn more about me, and how I feel about food here.

And in the meantime, where do you retreat?  I’m interested. I want to know!

Let’s do some cooking on the weekends!

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  1. Sandy Miller says

    I am so pleased you are writing a blog. I can’t wait to check out your new recipes and drool over the delicious-looking photo’s of your food. This is the perfect venue for your remarkable cooking skills.
    Good luck!!!

  2. Leslie says

    I wish had more energy to cook on the weekends. The best I can do sometimes is just get the weekly menu complete and my shopping list. Would love to see you create a working mom friendly weekly menu. Love your blog and momtastic!

    • valentina says

      Thank you, Leslie! I will work on creating a working mommy weekly menu! I’ll keep you posted as to when it’ll go up (might be a Momtastic article). 🙂

  3. Jill McArthur says

    Valentina…you’re amazing! I’m inspired! My two boys would love to eat at your house because their mom only prepares tacos, spaghetti and chicken! So boring!
    Anyway, I am going to start trying your recipes and become more creative. Good for you following your passion….and what a great mom you are!!
    By the way, I loved playing at your house when I was little. It was very peaceful. : )

    • valentina says

      Jill, you are so sweet! We did have so much fun as kids, didn’t we?! I LOVE tacos, spaghetti and chicken – not boring at all! Your boys are lucky and I’m sure they love it!

  4. says

    Nice website. Fun, energetic. From the pic, you look like you have a cool old-style kitchen. Sweet.

    I’m nearly 60 and only in the last few years discovered how much I enjoyed cooking. I segued my interest and took advantage of getting laid off from a corporate sales job to working in food–Peet’s Coffee barista, wine and cheese seller, Spanish imports of grocery seller, and currently manager of the largest cheese selling department in Northern CA. How the hell did THAT happen? Omg, it did. I cook every night, try not to buy exotic cookery things, and use fresh and local ingredients with a slight cant toward heart-healthy (read ‘Mediterranean’) cuisine, but will cook ANY cuisine.

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