Sugar Kiss Melons

Kiss MelonsA lot of things happened in my kitchen over the weekend.  And I’ll be sharing them all at some point, but today. . . it’s all about the Sugar Kiss Melon.

My boys wanted sushi for lunch — a tuna cut-roll to be exact (hold the wasabi).  With no time to make this, I quickly ran to the market.  After I grabbed the sushi, I walked through the produce section and sampled a bite of a Sugar Kiss melon.  WOW!  This might just be the sweetest melon I’ve ever bitten into.  It was like someone drizzled the wonderful flavor of melon onto a spoonful of sugar.

As soon as I tried it, I knew I had to tell everyone. You have to go get one or two or three!

There’s no need to fancy this melon up — it’s truly unbelievable if you simply slice and eat!  That said, if you feel like doing a little something, here are a few ideas. . .

Use a melon baller to scoop a few rounds of the melon into a pretty glass.  Add a few mint leaves and pour Prosecco over it.  I did this!  It was fantastic!

Kiss Melons in ProseccoProsciutto and melon is a classic combination.  And for good reason — the saltiness of the meat is superb with the sweet melon.  Add an unexpected fresh basil leaf to this!  Lovely!Prosciutto and Kiss melon And while it’s somewhat ridiculous to make this melon even sweeter, sprinkling colored, decorating sugar over it makes for a delightful kids treat! So pretty!

Kiss MelonsSo go get your Sugar Kiss!  Melon, that is!  Their typical season is June through October.

P.S. Did anyone make brownies over the weekend? We finished the last of ours yesterday. Sigh.


Like the Sugar Kiss?  Then you’ll love the Honey Kiss in my Cucumber Melon Salad with Yuzu- Jalapeño Dressing. Or the Golden Kiss in my Melon Gazpacho!

Check out how my friend, One Hungry Mama, makes her own decorating sugar — naturally!

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  1. says

    Never heard of a sugar kiss melon…but I do love me some melon, so I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for it. Mint and melon in prosecco? LOVE that idea!!!!! And of course melon and prosciutto is a sweet/salty favorite!

  2. Sara says

    I happened across a Kiss Melon at Trader Joe’s last week. It was the BEST melon I have ever tasted. I went back the next day only to find out they were sold out and would not receive another shipment this season. So disappointing. Where did you happen to buy your Kiss Melon?

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