National Soup Swap Day 2012

National Soup Swap Day 2012

National Soup Swap Day 2012






National Soup Swap Day 2012National Soup Swap Day 2012







National Soup Swap Day 2012National Soup Swap Day 2012


I love soup!  Love, love, love it!

Of course I do —  a delicious bowl of soup can be an ideal comfort food, which, if you’ve been hanging out here long enough, you know is what I’m all about!

Did you have any idea that this Saturday, January 21st, is National Soup Swap Day?!

I know! Who knew?!

For all the information about National Soup Swap Day, you can check out, but in the meantime, here’s the idea — and a handful of my favorite soup recipes sure to wow your friends and family:

1. Schedule your Soup Swap Party.
2. Invite some guests.  (I think 6 to 10 is a good number.)
3. Ask each guest to bring 1 quart of soup for each guest, plus a quart or so for tasting.
4. At the party, put all the soups out where they can be admired.
5. Draw numbers to begin to swap. Place numbers in a bowl for every person who brought soup. Have each participant draw a number — this is the order that the soups will be chosen to talk about.
6. In the order of numbers drawn, have the guests talk about their soup, and why it’s special. What are the flavors? Is it organic? Spicy? Sweet? Has it been handed down by Grandma?
7. Or of course you can skip 5 & 6, and  just eat! ;-).)
8. As the host, I think it would be lovely to serve some garlic bread, salad, wine, cheese, etc.  (Don’t be shy about asking guests to bring dessert, too!)
9. Also, my own  suggestion here — and I think it’s a must — have each guest bring a copy of their recipe to give away with the soup!

My favorite soups are pictured above and listed below — click on the photo or title for the recipe:

Sweet Potato-Shiitake Sausage Soup with Udon Noodles
Cream of Chestnut-Potato Soup
Melon Gazpacho
Spicy Kale Soup with Roasted Pepper and Tomato
Smoky Fish Stew
Apple Yam Soup with Shallot Croutons

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