Cooking On The Weekends + Sandstone Melons

Sandstone MelonsTrue story:

A little over a year ago, I ran out for some sushi rolls at our local market and returned home with the best melon I’ve ever tasted — a Sugar Kiss.  (Good thing the produce department had a tray of samples out, because I can’t pass those by!)

After my family and I devoured this delectable melon, I immediately wrote about it here to share this delicious eating experience with all of you.

Shortly thereafter, Sandstone Melons, the growers of the Sugar Kiss melon, connected with me and generously sent me samples of their two other Kiss varieties, the Golden Kiss and the Honey Kiss — both equally as delicious as the Sugar Kiss!

This melon season, Sandstone asked me to develop a series of recipes featuring their Kiss melons.

I’m absolutely thrilled about our collaboration — not only do I truly love their product, but the family behind Sandstone Melons are warm and genuine, wonderful people.

Today I don’t have one recipe for you, I have eightClick here to see all of them!

Where are these gems sold near you?  Find out here, and join me on this new culinary journey.

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  1. Linda K. Smith says

    The combination of “Cooking on the Weekends” with Valentina’s fabulous recipes and
    gorgeous photographs and Sandstone melons is a perfect combination. Congratulations
    to you all.

  2. Romi Laine says

    These recipes look absolutely delicious Valentina and your photography makes me want to taste all of them! I so love melon during these warm summer months and will ask my local market for a Sugar Kiss. Congrats on the collaboration!

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