Summer Tomatoes: A Spanish Breakfast

Spanish Tomato BreakfastThe last time I was in Spain visiting Pilar, her brother Rafael made a breakfast I will never forget.

This breakfast was simple, beautiful and delicious!  He made it almost every day — right at the table!
A Spanish BreakfastThere was always a bowl of freshly picked, sun-kissed, summer tomatoes on the kitchen table in Pilar’s family home.  Rafael would grab a tomato and and grate it!

Have you ever grated a tomato? I hadn’t!

Skin, seeds and all, he grated it!
A Spanish BreakfastRafael would then sprinkle the sweet tomato purée with a bit of coarse sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper.

A quick drizzle of Spanish extra virgin olive oil, and it was done!  Well . . . almost done.

There was also always another bowl on the table — one filled with fresh, rustic baguettes.  Rafael would grab one, and tear a big piece off to dip into the tomato deliciousness.

A Spanish BreakfastThis was one of the tastiest breakfasts I’ve ever had.  One of the tastiest meals I’ve ever had!

This must begin with an absolutely wonderful tomato — right off the vine if possible!

Are you growing tomatoes?  Are your neighbors?

Fortunately, my dad doesn’t only grow peaches.  His tomatoes are now appearing at my doorstep almost every morning!


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  1. barbara says

    I love tomatoes. I have even done something like this with canned tomatoes and cheese – oh so good. But you can bet I will fix this . right now. Thank you B

  2. says

    So simple yet so delicious. It’s amazing how beautiful summer produce just speak for themselves. Start with amazing ingredients and you’ll have amazing results with very little fuss. Thank you for sharing! Wish I was in Spain again…

  3. says

    tomatoes and bread. most cultures have discovered what a perfect marriage these two are…
    We went to spain a few years ago and this was by far our favorite breakfast…and the olive oil…i just could not get enough…

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