Sardinian Pasta


I think a traditional Sardinian pasta dish usually includes saffron and sausage.  And by “I think,” I mean it’s an educated guess. This is not at all a traditional dish from Sardinia, and both of those (albeit delicious), ingredients are not in it. I’m calling it “Sardinian Pasta,” for two reasons.

Crimson Gold Apple Sesame Chicken Salad

October 13- Crimson Gold

These Crimson Gold Apples filled with Sesame Chicken Salad might just be as adorable as the Pumpkin Almond Cookies. One savory and one sweet, both scream fall in a big way!  And both are absolutely delicious! Thanks to Melissa’s Produce and Cuyama Orchards, I was able to pick each of these organic Crimson Gold beauties […]

Cuyama Orchards: A Farm Full of Beauty, Family and Three-Hundred Acres of Organic Apples!

October 12-Apple Farm-seven

Having grown up in California, I’ve been able to visit some wonderful, picturesque places. From the Sequoia National Forest to the Santa Monica Mountains to the Channel Islands, California is full of beauty. And now I can add another gem to the list — Cuyama Orchards.  This breathtaking organic apple farm is on the eastern […]

Friday Flowers: Passion Flowers and Roasted Pepper Potato Soup with Smoky Chipotle Parmesan French Fries


A little math equation for you:  favorite, fresh flavors . . . plus wonderful textures . . . plus a bit of warming spices equals . . . a delicious and perfect puréed soup! That’s exactly what’s going one here. Sweet, smoky peppers . . . plus potato . . . plus a bit of […]

Pumpkin Almond Cookies for Halloween and Thanksgiving


Yesterday my six-year-old son asked me if next year we could please get some “gory” and “really scary” Halloween decorations. Apparently our current decorations are “cute.” The truth is, I love “cute!” Gory and scary . . . not so much.  For me Halloween is simply a fun part of fall — it’s harvest time, […]

Heirloom Apple Salad, Starring the Pink Pearl


Have you ever opened a beautifully wrapped gift to find something so stunning, and so unexpected inside, that it takes your breath away? This is exactly the experience I had first time I cut into a Pink Pearl heirloom apple.

Fall Chai Spiced Apple Cake


Two of my boys’ best friends, who happen to be brother and sister, live just a few minutes away, and we spend a lot of time at their house. When the kids met each other a few years ago, their mom quickly became one of my best friends, too.

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