Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today I’m off with my sweet boys (the fluffy dog is curled up at home).

Tomorrow I’ll be back with a super delicious weekend recipe.

Sending love, warmth, laughter, and a whole lot of chocolate to you and yours.

Happy Valentine’s Day!




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  1. Susan says

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Valentina! Your boys are quite handsome and I hope you’re all having a wonderful holiday. Thank you for all the wonderful recipes and stories you share with us. I really look forward to your emails.

  2. Linda K. Smith says

    Dearest Valentina, We love you and those sweet boys and that amazing big
    fluffy dog. Have a wonderful Valentines day, eating chocolate, of course.

    Linda K. & Luna K.

    • valentina says

      Linda, I hope you’re eating chocolate, too. Luna K. however, might be better off with jerky. ;-) And, thank you for the lovely comment! XOXO

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