Best Avocado Recipes!

Best Avocado Recipes

* Links to all of these avocado recipes are below *

The California avocado season for this year is March to September.  So there’s no better time to be eating avocados than right this minute!

On Tuesday I shared my recipe for Lemon Chipotle Guacamole, and told you about the California Avocado Commission Blogger Luncheon I went to over the weekend.  Today I hope to tell you a few things I learned about this delicious fruit, that you might not know.  (And if you do, well then head straight to the recipe links below!)

A few cool facts about California Avocados . . .

Fact: 90% of the nation’s avocados are grown in California.

Fact: 80% of all avocados eaten all over the world are the Hass variety.

Fact: The most nutritious part of an avocado is the darkest green of the flesh, just inside the skin.

Fact:  As a little kid, I hated avocados.

Fact:  Avocados are now one of my favorite foods on the planet.

Of course these are my best avocado recipes — I hope some of them will become yours, too!

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for . . . from left to right in the image above, here are the links to each recipe.

1.  How to Cut and Peel an Avocado: A Photographic Guide
2.  Roasted Poblano Guacamole
3.  Avocado Fries with Chipotle-Agave Yogurt Dip
4.  Citrus Avocado Salsa with Cilantro Sautéed Whitefish
5.  Avocado Zucchini Bread with Olive Oil
6.  Strawberry Avocado Salsa
7.  Double Chocolate Avocado Cookies
8.  Grapefruit Avocado Salad
9.  Lemon Chipotle Guacamole
10. Avocado Gazpacho
11. Avocado Butter
12. Avocado Carpaccio
13. Simply Avocado and Salt
14. Key Lime Grilled Corn Guacamole
15. Zucchini Peach and Avocado Salad

But wait . . . . there’s more!
From some of my foodie friends:
Avocado Crab Salad with Seville Oranges from Family Spice
Avocado Lemon Grass Ice Cream from Shockingly Delicious
Avocado Poke Salad from Foodness Gracious
Avocado Soup with Bacon and Chile Rubbed Croutons from Jeez Louise
Black Bean Sliders with Creamy California Avocado Sauce from Cookin’ Canuck
Pickled Avocados from La Fuji Mama
Roasted Tomatillo and Avocado Salsa from Recipe Renovator


Photo credit: CA Avocado Commission

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    • valentina says

      Dorothy, I love lemon grass and usually pair it with Asian flavors — I’d never thought of it with avocado and I love how that sounds.

  1. says

    Wow – you’ve given me quite a hankering for avocados! In the past year I’ve had a chance to try quite a few baked goods with avocado in them and I really love the effect for moisture and texture. That avocado/zucchini bread looks amazing! Thanks for a great list!

  2. says

    Awesome article on avocados. I absolutely love avocados and usually just eat them plain. This article gives me something to do over the summer!

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