The Best Coffee, Espresso and Mocha Recipes

These are the Best Coffee, Espresso and Mocha Recipes of all time! From cookies and cheesecake, to popsicles and pie, they're all amazing!I’m really in the mood for coffee this morning, which is nothing new for me.  And today I’m in the mood for the rich, deep flavors of coffee in a bunch of mouth-watering desserts — also nothing new for me. 😉

Below are links to the delicious coffee, espresso and mocha images above.


1. Mocha Meringues {Gluten-Free}
2. Crispy Mocha Cookies
3. Espresso Ice Cream Mud Pie
4. Chocolate Truffle Espresso Muffins
5. No-Bake Chocolate Espresso Cheesecake
6. Double Chocolate, Double Espresso Cookies
7. Double Shot Espresso Popsicles
8. My Perfect Cup of Coffee
9. Kahlùa Espresso Gelato
10. Flourless Chocolate Espresso-Caramel Brownies {Gluten-Free}
11. Café Con Leche Chocolate Chunk Cookies
12. Iced Mocha Smoothie 

And coffee isn’t just for sweets!  Check out this Grilled Coffee Balsamic Flank Steak!

Grilled Coffee Balsamic Flank SteakP.S. I’m sure this it’s a given, but whenever I use the word “best” in a title, I’m referring to my best!  (Though I’m always hopeful they’ll actually become the best out there. :-))

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