20 Cool Gifts For Foodies For Under $20 – 2013

20 Gifts For Foodies

The things on this list fall into two categories — things I have that I love, and things I want to have.  These are great gifts for under $20, for all of the foodies in your life.

Off we go (in no particular order) . . . .

Sriracha Salt

1. Sriracha Salt — Sriracha + coarse sea salt = utter deliciousness!  How amazing would this be atop warm poached eggs on a grilled avocado?  (I want it.)
Sriracha Salt — 4-ounce jar/$8

Lime Juicer

2. Chef’n FreshForce Lime Juicer — This lime juicer is so strong that it doesn’t matter how firm the lime is, it will get every last drop of juice!  (I want it.)
Chef’n FreshForce Lime Juicer — $19.95

Mesquite Flour

3. Mesquite Flour — This naturally gluten-free flour has a delicious smoky flavor and imparts subtle notes of cinnamon, molasses, and caramel.  Do you remember the Mesquite Chipotle Cheddar-Potato Muffins I made?  They highlight this incredible flour, making the muffins irresistible!  (I have it.)
Mesquite Flour — 1 (24-ounce) bag/$15.95

Black Willow Skewers

4. Black Willow Skewers — These 7-inch long skewers are rustic and elegant at the same time.  They make a beautiful presentation for all sorts of kebabs.  And I love supporting the Pepper Project!  (I have it.)
Black Willow Skewers — Set of 20/$2.50

The Spice Bible

5. The Spice Bible by Jane Lawson — This awesome book includes a description of the origins and uses of over forty spices, as well as guidelines on how to integrate them into the flavors you’re cooking. (I want it.)
The Spice Bible — $18.95

Kampot Black Pepper

6. Kampot Black Pepper — Another opportunity to support the Pepper Project!  Kampot pepper is cultivated in Cambodia in the province of Kampot, and is highly regarded among food connoisseurs and ranks as the finest gourmet pepper in the world. You can read more about it here.  (I have it.)
Kampot Black Pepper – 8-ounce vacuum sealed bag/$18.95

Measuring Cup Set

7. Progressive International Ultimate 19-Piece Measuring Cup and Spoon Set — Have you ever had a 3/4 cup, measuring cup?  How about a 1/16 teaspoon, measuring spoon?  I love that this set is full of unusual sizes.  And they’re bright and pretty, too.
(I want it.)
Progressive International 19-Piece Measuring Cup and Spoon Set  — $12.60

50 Best Plants on the Planet Book

8. Melissa’s Produce 50 Best Plants on the Planet by Cathy Thomas — Did you know that blackberries are the most nutrient dense fruit on the planet!?  This is the best produce resource book ever, and it includes 150 recipes.  (I have it.)
50 Best Plants on the Planet — $11.78

Tortilla Press

9. Cast Iron Tortilla Press — There’s nothing quite like a fresh, homemade tortilla!
Cast Iron Tortilla Press — $19.95

Coffee Syrup

10. Dave’s Coffee Syrup — This is perfect for the coffee lovers in your life.  This syrup is incredibly delicious poured over pancakes, baked into cakes, and mixed into marinades for grilled meat.  (And I most recently used it to flavor granola — recipe coming soon.)
Dave’s Coffee Syrup — $10.99

Cheese Board

11. Slate Chalkboard Cheese Board — I love this idea for a cheese platter.  I always want to know what I’m eating — especially if it’s delicious cheese!
Slate Chalkboard Cheese Board — $19.95

Cashel Blue Cheese

12. Cashel Blue Cheese — And speaking of cheese, this is one of the most delicious cheeses I’ve ever had.  I used Kerrygold Cashel Blue in two of my favorite recipes this year, Poached Egg on Grilled Avocado with Bacon-Onion Compote and Cashel Blue, and Cashel Blue Grilled Peaches with Honey Balsamic Glaze. (I have it.)
Cashel Blue Cheese — 1-pound/$19.99

Measuring Spoons

13. Progressive International Stainless-Steel Magnetic Measuring Spoons — My favorite things about these is the flat bottom of each spoon.  You can actually place a liquid-filled spoon down on your work surface without spilling.  And since they’re magnetic, they sit inside each other perfectly in a drawer. (I want it.)
Progressive International Magnetic Measuring Spoons — Set of 5/$14.95

Cutting Mats

 14. Country Cutting Mats  I really like having a few mats to keep separate for meat, fish and poultry.  And since my son has Celiac Disease, and I need to keep even the smallest spec of gluten away from his food, I think they should create one that says “gluten,” or “gluten-free.” Good idea, right?  (I have it.)
Country Cutting Mats — $10

Shichimi Togarashi

15. Shichimi Togarashi — A blend of nutty seeds, seaweed, citrus, and spice, I use this with most Asian recipes I prepare.  This is something I always like to have at the ready! (I have it.)
Shichimi Togarashi — $8 

Salt Bowl

16. Wood Salt Bowl — A dish of salt should always be within an arm’s reach from the stove-top.  The easier to get to the better, and it’s best to season to taste with fingertips. (I want it.)
Wood Salt Bowl — $6

Savory Cocktails

17. Savory Cocktails by Greg Henry — Collecting cookbooks of all sorts is fantastic, and I’m guessing this fabulous new book is still one a lot of foodies don’t have yet. It’s unique, hip, and full of delicious recipes and beautiful images.  Remember when I told you about my parents’ favorite cocktail, a Bullshot?  (I have it.)
Savory Cocktails – $12.18

Matryoshkas Measuring Cups

18. Bubby’s Matryoshkas Measuring Cups My friend Aimée gave these to me and I just adore them.  Nestled inside one another, these are the cutest measuring cups ever!  I use them and keep them out on display. (I have it.)
Bubby’s Matryoshkas Measuring Cups — $14.99

Black Garlic

19. Black Garlic — It’s creamy and rich, and the flavor is reminiscent of balsamic vinegar.  It’s a must try!  For a bonus, print this recipe to go along with the gift.
(I have it.)
Black Garlic — about 5.5-ounces/$16.95

Herbs de Provence

20. Herbs de Provence – I don’t know anyone who cooks who wouldn’t want this in their pantry. (I have it.)
Herbs de Provence — 1-ounce/$15.65


Now let’s go shopping, shall we?

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    Ok, confession time – I’ve had my eye on those matryoshka measuring cups forever.
    It appears that my addiction to teapots has somehow progressed toward measuring cups as I’m accumulating quite a collection!
    I love this hotlist, Valentina. We all could use some suggestions. xo

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