4th of July Recipe: A Patriotic Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Patriotic Strawberry and Blueberry Griled CheeseIf you can hardly contain your excitement about this sandwich, you can head to the bottom of the post to be directed to the recipe.  Otherwise, I’d love for you to take your time . . . .

We live in a small-ish town in LA County. Without traffic (as if), we’re about 20 minutes from downtown LA, and about 10 minutes from other smaller cities around us.  Somehow though, our town still feels small.

I grew up here, 3 minutes from our house — in the same house where my parents still live.  It’s nearly impossible to walk down the street without seeing people we know — friends from my childhood, families we’ve become friends with through our kids, friends of my parents, my kids’ teachers, and so on.  It’s lovely.

Here, the 4th of July is by far the most festive day of the year.  The action never stops.  A 10K race, a parade, a huge fireworks show we watch from our deck — and a few barbecues in between it all.  Everyone (really, everyone), comes together.  It’s an all day party with friends and family, and we love it.

To celebrate I made this wild and crazy delicious red, white and blue grilled cheese sandwich for POPSUGAR.  I suggest head over there to get the recipe — it’s here.  Then make a few for an unexpected twist to your typical Independence Day barbecue fare.

Enjoy and happy 4th of July, my friends!

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