Cookbook Giveaway! Everyday Thai Cooking {GIVEAWAY CLOSED}

Though I’d love for you to take your time, if  you want to jump to the bottom of the post to enter this awesome cookbook giveaway, I won’t be offended.Katie Chin-Every-Day-Thai-Cooking

Katie Chin

me and Katie Chin
Photo Credit: Lana of Bibberche

I’ve had a lot of fantastic culinary opportunities come my way, and I especially love cookbook launch parties and signings.  It’s fun to meet the authors, see their cooking demos, and of course be treated to delicious food prepared from recipes in their books.

When Melissa’s Produce invited me to meet Katie Chin to celebrate her newest book, Everyday Thai Cooking, I jumped at the chance.  And I’m so glad I did because it was lovely and Katie is absolutely delightful! It’s easy to see how passionate she is about food, family, and sharing her vast knowledge of Asian cuisine.

Fortunately Melissa’s sent me home with a generous bag of Asian produce, because the event was so inspiring that I started cooking almost immediately.  The results are in the image below.  (Click on the titles beneath it for the recipes/posts.)Everyday Thai CookingHow to Use Lemongrass ~ Thai Inspired Mahi Mahi ~ Garlicky Coconut Gai Lan

These ideas came to me merely from being with Katie for an hour — just imagine what her cookbook, Everyday Thai Cooking is filled with!

Here’s a peek inside . . .

Everyday Thai Cooking Cookbook GiveawayThere are endless, mouthwatering, beautiful, and authentic Thai recipes.  If you’ve ever thought Asian cooking could be daunting, Katie will change your mind, as her step by step recipes are super clear and easy to follow.

And another peek . . .

Everyday Thai Cooking Cookbook GiveawayIn addition to the recipes, there is a “How To” section, a “Tools and Utensils” section, and a section that takes the mystery out of Thai ingredients.  This is so helpful!

Katie, who grew up in the kitchen cooking with her mom, an award-winning restauranteur, has had a very interesting life — and my friend Lana of Bibberche has captured a bit of it beautifully here.

This is not a sponsored post, as always I only write about things I love.  I’d love for you to learn more about Katie and check out all of her delicious recipes in Everyday Thai Cooking — so enter below to win!   If you can’t wait, you can purchase the book here.  (This is a truly gorgeous hardcover cookbook.  The retail value is $24.95.)

– This Giveaway is now closed –

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  1. Marilyn Bauminger says

    Thanks for this terrific giveway! Looks amazing!

    I would really love to learn more about Thai cooking and how to use lemongrass. I truly would love to win one or both of these cookbooks! Hope I win!

  2. Frances Foster says

    My favorite cookbook is an antique cookbook that my mom handed down from my fathers mother it is the first Pillsbury cookbook and I discovered I had a God given talent for cooking when I started cooking using recipes from that book. My first dessert was ice cream cream puffs in swan shapes that I then decided should be swimming in a lake of a blue berry sauce. That cookbook showed me that cooking can be a way to express yourself artistically. First appetizer was stuffed mushrooms and entree was stuffed breasts with sauteed vegetables. I was 10 yrs old and my world was expanded. My favorite asian ingredient is bok choy I use it for many asian dishes that cook from noodle salads to siniagong.

    • valentina says

      Hi Frances,
      I LOVE antique cookbooks, and I bet the Pillsbury book is amazing. When I was a kid, my aunt, who’s a painter, explained to me that while her medium was paint, mine was food — and we could both create art. So cool that, that book helped you make that discovery. I also love bok choy — especially baby bok choy. Thanks for checking out my site and entering the giveaway. Good luck! 🙂

  3. says

    What a wonderful giveaway Valentina! I love Thai food, but I find I usually end up going out to a restaurant to enjoy it. I need some inspiration to do it at home more and this cookbook looks like the ticket. I love using coconut milk…..delish!

  4. gina says

    my favorite cook book has to the joy of cooking. Its the book I used to learn to cook with.My favorite Asian product I think Lemon Grass, the fragrance to beautiful.

    • valentina says

      Thanks for entering the giveaway, Gina! I love the scent of lemongrass too. I even have lemongrass scented candles. 🙂

  5. italian chef says

    MY favorite asain product is MISO! love it! that along with fish sauce and chili garlic paste. I love Japanese cookbooks!

    • valentina says

      Tara, lemongrass is one of my favorite flavors in the world! (My husband look at his Mark Bittman, “How to Cook Everything,” book more often than he asks me cooking questions. Imagine that? 😉

  6. Heather says

    I love my “The Pioneer Woman” cookbook!! My favorite Asian produce has to be bok choy or napa cabbage!

  7. Sarah Dean says

    I have always loved the taste and smell of Asian cuisine but have to admit to being more then a little intimidated trying to cook it. With the exception of some simple stir-fry of course. I would love to learn more about it and hopefully succeed in making a dish or two LOL!

    • valentina says

      Sarah, this book would be perfect for you. The biggest takeaway from most people about the book, is that Katie makes cooking Thai food easy. Good luck! 🙂

  8. Joan says

    My favorite cookbook is one from Giada’s de Laurentiis — her recipes are simple and easy to prepare and easily doubled for family visits. My other go-to book is the one I bought for culinary school published by Le Cordon Bleu – I use their recipe for cream puffs & ladyfingers. I love Thai food & my favorite ingredient would probably be coconut milk. I want to learn to make stuffed chicken legs – is that in the book? 🙂

  9. says

    My first Thai Cookbook is from Keo’s Restaurant in Honolulu. I learned about Thai food through this book and even used the Evil Jungle Prince recipe in one of my cooking classes…so awesome! Sadly, I learned the restaurant is now gone when I tried to go there last month.

  10. Trish says

    I was just thinking about Thai food the other day! Looks like a wonderful cookbook full of interesting recipes!

  11. Joan says

    My favorite cookbook is the one I’m cooking from at any given moment and for the past few days it’s been The New Midwestern Table. I love Kimchee does that count as produce?

    • valentina says

      I’d say Kimchee counts — and it’s one of my favorites, too. I especially love Kimchee Ramen. Thanks for sharing!

  12. says

    My favorite cookbook is the one I made of my Mother’s recipes. I use it all the time. My favorite Asian ingredient? Ginger, hands down! Lovely photos, Valentina! So glad you got to meet and spend time with Kate – great opportunity!

    • valentina says

      So cool that you made a book of your mom’s recipes. I have a hand written collection of my grandmother’s. I love it (even though much of the ingredients are from a can.) 😉

  13. says

    Favorite cookbook is hard to say….probably one of my appetizer/tapas cookbooks. I love to make lots of different dishes and have a variety. I love Thai herbs and spices, but my favorite ingredient would probably have to be ginger…the recipe amount is only a guideline in my opinion for ginger. I usually increase it quite a bit.

  14. says

    I’m not sure I can narrow it down to just one cookbook…there’s SO many great ones out there and it depends on the time of year. I will say I’ve been really into the Modernist Cuisine at Home one lately. I have a whole refrigerator door full of Asian sauces and condiments that I have bought for one recipe or another. They are most definitely under utilized. I do like the garlic chili paste quite a bit and work it into all kinds of things. That and fish sauce of course. 🙂

    • valentina says

      I love that your books are seasonally used. Makes perfect sense. Hopefully you’ll get the chance to give he Asian condiments in your refrigerator door some attention. Good luck! (I LOVE garlic chili paste, too!) 🙂

    • valentina says

      Well I can only hope you’d like a cookbook & that you’re interested in learning about Asian produce. 😉

  15. Eugenia Hall says

    Asking me what cookbook is my favourite is like asking a Mother which child she loves best! Its just not possible, although I’m currently in love with the cookbook from Kimchi Chronicles and Cookwise by Shirley Corriher. My favourite Asian produce is fresh Lychee – hands down, no contest.

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