Gifts For the Cook Who (You Think) Has Everything – 2014

Gifts For the Cook Who Has Everything - 2014

Reclaimed Wood iPad or Cookbook Stand

I’m guessing you have a foodie friend who you think has every cooking tool, every cookbook, and every piece of cooking equipment.  That friend is me!  So you see, I fancy myself an expert in the ideal cooking gift department.  Oh, and I only include products in my gift guides, that I either have and love, or want and love.  (FYI, these are my higher end picks, in a few days I’ll be posting this year’s 20 Cool Gifts For Foodies For Under $20.) 

Let’s check out my top picks for 2014 . . .

Above:  This is an awesome Reclaimed Wood iPad or Cookbook Stand.  It’s warm, full or character and I love it!  Honestly, even without a recipe sitting inside of it, it’s looks so cool!  It would warm up any kitchen. UncommonGoods | $115

Gifts For the Cook Who Has Everything - 2014

Himalayan Salt Mortar and Pestle

This is unlike most mortar and pestles — a hint of the flavor of Himalayan Pink Salt will be imparted to the spices and herbs you’re grinding.  Yum.  The Grommet | $29.95

Gifts For the Cook Who Has Everything - 2014

Swissmar Girolle Cheese Scraper

It almost looks like a sculpture, and it produces incredibly luscious, aromatic shavings of cheese.  This cheese scraper is designed specifically for slicing & serving Swiss cheese – Tête de Moine Swiss, to be exact.  (Yes, others work, too!)  This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves cheese, and unique, cool looking cooking tools.  Oh, and you can also shave chocolate with it!  Ooh la la! Amazon | $69

Gifts For the Cook Who Has Everything - 2014

Emile Henry Tagine & Tagine Cookbook by Ghillie Basan

This might be the number one gift I recommend to people giving gifts to friends who love to cook.  A Tagine is unique enough that they likely don’t already have one — and just to juice it up, adding a Moroccan cookbook, specifically for cooking in a Tagine, is lovely!
Tagine: Amazon | $179.95  
Cookbook | Amazon | $12.95

Gifts For the Cook Who Has Everything - 2014

Kneading & Cutting Board

This is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.  I bought my Kneading Board over ten years ago and still use it daily.  Originally I got it because I was making a lot of bread — when you knead the dough, the board doesn’t move, as it’s “locked” because of the couple of inches that hang over the counter.  And flour and bits of dough don’t escape at the back because of the “back board.”  I don’t make bread daily (or even monthly), these days, but the aforementioned benefits are ideal for all sorts of slicing and chopping.  Amazon | $83

Gifts For the Cook Who Has Everything - 2014

Melissa’s Produce Gourmet Ingredients Gift Basket

This is not your typical foodie gift basket.   It’s full of things your foodie friend wants, but might not always have in the pantry.  And with a butternut squash and Gemstone potatoes, it’s ideal for making comfort foods in the fall/winter months.  The basket also includes: pearl onions, dried mushrooms, Elephant garlic, Basmati and Wild rice, dried tomatoes, crystalized ginger, pine nuts, cinnamon sticks and a spice grinder with a delicious blend of herbs and sea salt.  Melissa’s Produce | $68.50

Gifts For the Cook Who Has Everything - 2014

Personalized Custom Cutting Board

I’m imagining this beautiful rustic board on my kitchen counter with my name on it — or some pretty design I like — and I’m loving it!  Etsy | $48.95

Gifts For the Cook Who Has Everything - 2014


 Hot, cold, whole, cut, soft, firm — you name it, you can blend it into something dreamy and smooth in this! All you have to do to know how much I love the Blendtec is read this!  Blendtec| from $279

Happy shopping!

This is not a sponsored post — though I wish they all were, the Melissa’s gift basket was the only thing sent to me for review.  All opinions are my own, and as always, I only write about things I love. 

Stay tuned for this year’s 20 Cool Gifts For Foodies For Under $20 (coming very soon).

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  1. says

    I remember the Christmas that I insisted we get a girolle. Mark couldn’t understand… at least not till he tried the tête de moine cheese! Now we can’t wait for this time of year for it to reappear in out market!

    I think I will open this post on his computer so that when he gets up, he won’t need to think about anything Exocet what to get me! 🙂

    • valentina says

      Okay, now I really must have one! Hopefully someone who loves me is reading my list! 😉 Love the idea of just leaving it on the screen for Mark.

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