Introducing Choctál Ice Cream

This post is not sponsored.  Every now and then I come across a product that I feel an obligation to share with you.  (A culinary obligation, that is.) This ice cream is amazing and I really want all of you to experience it’s deliciousness!


Yes, it’s melting.  Lots of tasting, lots of photographing.  It happens.

I happened upon my first bite of Choctál ice cream at the Los Angeles Times’ The TASTE this past September, and fell in love with it.  And this is huge for a girl who’s all about chunks and swirls in her ice cream.  You won’t find any of that in these perfectly pure ice creams.  It was the Dominican Chocolate that lured me in, with its luscious richness and intense flavor.

Here’s what so unique (and delicious!) about Choctál:

  • There are eight flavors — four are chocolate and four are vanilla.  Each of the four chocolates have a completely different flavor profile from one another.  And so do the vanillas.  Talk about pure — these chocolate and vanilla flavors are as pure as you can get in an ice cream.
  • Unlike most ice creams, these are made from single-origin ingredients — one variety of cacao or vanilla, harvested from a single region.  This creates a much richer and more intense flavor.  You can liken this to wine — different grapes from different regions all of the world will create very distinctive wines.
  • Also unlike most ice creams, Choctál adds two to three times the amount of chocolate or vanilla.
  • Choctál is all natural, has no additives and is sourced through socially responsible companies and, whenever possible, directly from the supplier.
  • Choctál is a member of 1% For The Planet, and has pledged to donate 1% of their annual sales in the countries where they do business.


My favorite flavor is the Dominican Chocolate, and second would be the Kalimantan Chocolate, which is especially interesting.  It’s the darkest of the chocolates and has a subtle note of caramel and has almost a smoky flavor.

There is a lot more to Choctál and you can read all about it here.

You can find these pints of dreaminess at several markets now — including, starting this week, at Gelson’s. It will retail there for $6.99/pint.  GASP, I know!  However, I think you’ll find it’s totally worth every penny.

For other locations,  put your zip code in the store locator here, or you can order online here.

You can likely understand why, when Choctál asked if I’d like to sample all of their flavors, I immediately said yes.

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    How convenient that the ONE store in Tucson that carries this is across the street from our neighborhood. (Convenient yet bad news for my diet!) I will try some and get back to you! xo

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