12 Gifts For the Cook Who (You Think) Has Everything – 2015

A dozen awesome holiday gift ideas for the cooks in your life who you think have everything.  (This is not a sponsored post — I’m featuring these brands because I love these items!)Gifts for the Cook Who You Think Has EverythingNow that you have my 2015 list of 20 Gifts For Foodies For Under $20, I’m sharing my second annual holiday gift guide — this one is for “the cook who has everything.”  At least, the cook who you think has everything.  These picks vary is price, and are super unique and fun.

Just like every other year, I only include products in my gift guides, that I either have and love, or want and love.  I’m really excited about this year’s picks!

Let’s check them out . . . .

1- Cavarola Pasta Board from Artisanal Pasta Tools $75
A gorgeous heirloom piece, hand carved, with 600 individual hand cuts, these boards are made for creating rectangular pasta shapes imprinted with elaborate crosshatching.  They’re available in three finishes and come with the rolling pin. (I’m guessing this would be new and exciting to most kitchens!)Gifts for the Cook Who You Think Has Everything - Cavarola Pasta Board2- Stoneware Fermenting Crock from UncommonGoods $96
Fermenting foods is all the rage these days, so why not do it in style?  I think is is beautiful!Gifts for the Cook Who You Think Has Everything - Stoneware Fermenting Crock3-Ruhlman Spoon Set from Ruhlman $30
These offset spoons are amazing for basting, tasting, saucing and serving. I was given one as a gift a couple of years ago, and I use it in my cooking daily!  (A variety of sets are available.)Gifts For The Cook Who You Think Has Everything - Ruhlman spoons4- GreenPan Healthy Ceramic Nonstick Skillets (Set of 3) from Sur La Table$190
Only available at Sur La Table, these pretty skillets are the perfect pans for health-conscious cooks, and have an eco-friendly nonstick coating.Gifts for the Cook Who You Think Has Everything - Green Pan Healthy Ceramic Nonstick Skillets5- Coffee Press from UncommonGoods$130
This unique coffee press is made of unglazed Yixing clay, an ancient material native to China — because it’s unglazed, it absorbs traces of the coffee (or tea), creating a more complex flavor over time.Gifts for the Cook Who You Think Has Everything - Super Cool Coffee Press!6- Giving Hope Produce & Wine Basket from Melissa’s Produce – $80
When you buy this beautiful basket of exotic and tropical fruits with Pinot Noir, you’ll also be donating to a wonderful cause. One Hope Wines will donate half of their profits to aid in pet adoption.  It’s a win-win!Gifts For The Cook Who You Think Has Everything - Melissa's Produce Gift Basket7- Heritage Rectangular Casserole from Le Creuset – $100
As far as I’m concerned, a cook can never own too many Le Creuset itmes — and this casserole is unique because it comes with a fitted lid.  (Much better than foil!)Gifts for the Cook Who You Think Has Everything - Le Creuset Casserole with Lid8- Himalayan Salt with Grater from UncommonGoods$30
Himalayan salt is not only delicious, but it’s also packed with health benefits.  When you’re not grating it over food, the pick rock sits beautifully on the miniature grater made of beachwood and stainless steel.  It’s a lovely display.Gifts for the Cook Who You Think Has Everything - Himalayan Salt with Grater9- Falk 10cm Classical Line Copper Saucepan from Falk USA$88
Pots and pans made with copper are renown for conducting heat beautifully, and every cook should be lucky enough to have at least one stunning copper piece.Gifts for the Cook Who You Think Has Everything - Falk Copper Sauce Pan10- Garden-in-a-Can Set from Back to the Roots $23.96
I think most cooks think it’s fun to harvest organic herbs right from their own kitchen windowsill!  (I also love the funky look of these cans.)Gifts for the Cook Who You Think Has Everything - organic herbs in windowsil cans11- Earthenware Steamer from UncommonGoods $144
You can steam fresh vegetables and cook rice in this eye-catching, beautiful traditional steamer.  It’s handmade from earthenware by local potters in Japan. Gifts for the Cook Who You Think Has Everything - Earthenware Steamer12- Pie Box from PieBox $35
A reusable wooden pie carrier to keep a pie perfectly intact as you bring it to a gathering.  I think these are so cool for either giving as a gift filled with a pie, or to have on hand for traveling purposes.  (PieBox also had similar cookie and cake boxes.) Gifts for the Cook Who You Think Has Everything-Pie BoxPlease note that the prices for all of the above items are current as of December 1, 2015, and will likely change over time.

Want even more ideas for the cooks in your life who you think have everything?  Here you go . . .

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    • valentina says

      David, so funny . . . when I found that pasta board, I thought of YOU. Something about your recipes, the vibe of your blog — I could picture it in one of your photos. 🙂 Hope Santa is good to you.

  1. linda says

    If your friends have “everything” make a donation in their name to a food pantry. Help out at a soup kitchen. Giving to those who need is more important than giving to those who want.

    • valentina says

      Thank you for your comment and I agree with you — we should give to those in need when we can. This is just a list I do each year, for people who also like to give for fun. 🙂 I would like to write a post about ways in which people can give back — thank you for inspiring me and I will do so as soon as I can.

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