A Dozen Mother’s Day Recipes From my Mom

A dozen mouth-watering recipes from my mom or inspired by her — all are made with love.A Dozen Mother's Day Recipes From my MomMy mom was an absolutely amazing cook who rarely, if ever, followed a recipe.  She created masterpieces from leftovers – and her meals often had many “secret ingredients.” My mom shared her kitchen with me when I was growing up, and was always open to me experimenting with food.  Following her lead, I’d try to create my own recipes.  I think that’s when my interest in cooking really began.

My mom has been quite ill for the past couple of years, and though she can’t cook anymore, I still ask her questions about things she used to make, and I share with her what I’m doing in the kitchen.

So on this Mother’s Day, to celebrate my mom, I am sharing a dozen super delicious recipes, that are either my mom’s, or inspired by her.  Each one has a story . . .

My Mom's Meyer LemonadeMy Mom’s Meyer Lemonade

My dad would pick the lemons from the tree in the backyard and my mom would juice them with her antique juicer in her incredibly unique and stunning kitchen that she designed every inch of herself.  Get the recipe here.Individual Grasshopper Mousse Pies Recipe -- A three-ingredient, super delicious, minty mousse with a perfect chocolate crust, is a divine no-bake St. Patrick's Day dessert!Individual Grasshopper Pies

Grasshopper Pie was something my mom always made for company.  Always a hit!  The recipe is here. Coconut-Cayenne Mango Baked Chicken Recipe - Creamy, rich, spicy and sweet, the mango sauce makes this baked chicken over the top delicious!Coconut-Mango Baked Chicken

The sauce for this scrumptious chicken was created to taste just like my mom’s favorite mango sauce at her favorite Indian restaurant. The tasty recipe is here. Maida Heatter’s BrowniesMaida Heatter’s Brownies

My mom’s favorite brownies of all time — from her favorite cookbook, Maida Heatter’s Book of Great Chocolate Desserts.  The recipe is here.Hollywood EggsHollywood Eggs

Some might call this an “egg n’ the hole” among other names, but my mom always called it a Hollywood Egg, and always made it with an onion bagel — never a slice of bread.  It was also always made with butter, garlic salt, and a whole lotta love.  The recipe is here. Braised-Brisket-StewBraised Brisket Stew

My mom made this brisket for as long as I can remember, and she always winged it.  And she winged it perfectly!  After years of interrogating her about her method (well, her method of winging it), I have come up with this scrumptious recipe.

Gluten Free Potato Pancakes with Red Onion Apple CompotePotato Pancakes with Red Onion-Apple Compote

My mom and my aunt used to spend hours in the kitchen together making potato pancakes.  And I mean hours!  And I loved each and every one of them. This delicious recipe is here. Mexican Chocolate Creme BruleeMexican Chocolate Crème Brûlée

Whenever my mom ordered flan or crème brûlée in a restaurant, she asked the server if it was “as smooth as silk.”  I’ll be the server here and say that, yes, yes it is.  Get the recipe and find about more about how funny my mom is in restaurants here. My Mom's Ginger ApplesauceGinger Applesauce

My mom is famous for this applesauce.  People around town talk about it.  No joke!  You can see my mom’s amazingly unique, antique-filled kitchen, and get the recipe here.Ginger-Citrus Pie RecipeGinger-Citrus Pie

Even though my mom is a true chocoholic, citrus desserts come in at a close second. Add ginger to that and she’s in heaven. This divine pie is here.Knockwurst and Baked Beans RecipeKnockwurst and the Best Baked Beans Ever

When I was a kid, about once a month my mom would make these beans with knockwurst, and it was the most incredibly delicious, comforting meal of all time.  Here it is. Chocolate Chipotle Colorado Style Chili Recipe - a bowl of comfort!Chocolate-Chipotle Colorado-Style Chili Recipe

This scrumptious chili is a take on my mom’s number one order from Casa Mia, our favorite restaurant from my childhood.  Check out the restaurant and get this deliciousness here.


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  1. says

    This is a wonderful, wonderful way to honour your mom 🙂 They are all lovely recipes and photographed so beautifully! I know immediately which one I’d try first though (ginger citrus pie). Happy Mother’s Day to you and your mom Valentina!

    • valentina says

      Awww, thank you so much, Jolina! I appreciate the kind words. Hope you had a lovely day. ~Valentina

  2. says

    What a gorgeous post. Those dishes look so good. The only thing that kept me from licking my computer monitor was the fact that I am at the office!
    Hope you and you’re beautiful mom had the most wonderful Mother’s Day. She must be beaming with pride to have you as her daughter. xoxo

    • valentina says

      Awww, you are just so sweet, Colette. Such kind words. I hope it was a lovely day for you, too. XOXO

  3. says

    Oh Valentina, it must be so bittersweet to see this post from Mothers Day now. Your mother passed on her amazing cooking talents on to you and will continue to be part of your culinary future in all that you cook, create and bake. Hugs. xxx

  4. says

    What a wonderful collection of delicious memories. I see where your culinary talents come from. That mango-coconut chicken is on my list to make.

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