How to Grill Artichokes

How to Grill Artichokes | Cooking On The Weekends

Whenever I add the words smoky or grilled to a recipe title, it automatically sounds delicious.   Though these words aren't necessarily interchangeable, the they often go hand in hand.  When you grill food it adds a nice char, and with the char, comes smoky flavors.Now that summer's here (well in a few weeks, … [Read more...]

How To Hard Boil Eggs

How To Hard Boil Eggs | Cooking On The Weekends

This might not be the most exciting topic I've written about (and by "might not," I mean it's on the boring side) -- however,  it's an important lesson.  In the cooking world, anyway. ;-)If you don't know a good technique for hard boiling eggs, you might ruin perfectly good eggs.  (Don't do that!)There are many … [Read more...]

How to Cook Beets

How to Cook Beets | Cooking On The Weekends

With their deep, dark red color and vibrant red streaked green leaves, there's just no denying the beauty of a beet.Chock full of nutrients, beets are sweet and delicious -- and when cooked properly, a beet will have a velvety, succulent texture that will melt in your mouth.And never throw away the gorgeous … [Read more...]

How to Season to Taste

Spicy Kale and Roasted Red Pepper Soup | Cooking On The Weekends

Sometimes I give you specific measurements for salt and pepper (in salad dressings, all baked goods, etc.).  Though more often I say, "season to taste."I assume some of you are comfortable with that phrase.  However, there might be a handful of you who desperately wish the recipe would give you  an exact … [Read more...]

How to Peel and Pit a Lychee: A Photographic Guide


This past weekend I was fortunate enough to go on a Vietnamese "food crawl" with the lovely Kim of Rustic Garden Bistro.We walked around Westminster, CA., where Kim's favorite Vietnamese eating spots are.  While the food was delicious, and the company was delightful, the highlight for me, was purchasing a big, … [Read more...]

How to Roast and Peel a Pepper: A Photographic Guide


This red pepper is delicious.  It's fresh, sweet and crunchy.Now let's roast it and turn it into something rich, smoky, and soft.  It's also delicious -- in a different way.There are a few different ways to roast a pepper -- my technique of choice for large peppers is on a stove burner.  Off we go. Place the … [Read more...]

How to Peel and Cut an Avocado: A Photographic Guide

How to Peel and Cut an Avocado: A Photographic Guide |

Today I'm in the mood to celebrate an avocado.(I guess I'm a moody girl.  Last week I was in the mood to celebrate a mango -- and I must say, it was a great time!)Avocados, without question, deserve their time in the spotlight.  A perfect avocado is absolutely stunning and unbelievably delicious -- they are one … [Read more...]

How to Cut a Mango: A Photographic Guide


I'm in the mood to celebrate the beauty of a mango.It might be because I met some lovely people from the National Mango Board a couple weeks ago at Camp Blogaway.Or perhaps it's because those same lovely people sent me a box of absolutely gorgeous mangoes.I think the most likely though, is that I'm always … [Read more...]

How To Make Risotto: Brown Sage Butter Mushroom Risotto Recipe


Typically I try not to drone on about technical cooking terms or techniques that I find exciting -- for fear you might not. Today however, I'm going to teach you something you might not know -- and if you don't, I know you'll love the little lesson!I'll never forget when I  learned that Risotto wasn't actually the … [Read more...]

How To Brown Butter


Sure, some things are better with bacon, like Bloody Marys and grilled cheese.(And some things are better with Lime-Pickled Shallots!  Don't you always find yourself saying that?  Lime-pickled shallots are great on asparagus saladand pizza, for example.Well, did you know that cakes, cookies, pastas, breads, … [Read more...]