20 Cool Gifts For Foodies & Cooks For Under $20 – 2016 Guide

20 Cool Gifts For Foodies & Cooks For Under $20 – The 2016 Guide

It's here!  The best gift guide for foodies and cooks for under $20!  As I do every year, I'm presenting a few of my favorite things . . . I've hand picked some really cool and super fun gifts for your foodie and cooking friends and family this year. I'm sure they'll all be a hit (I either have them or want them!), and … [Read more...]

Eating in Seattle: Restaurants You Won’t Want to Miss!

Eating in Seattle - Matt's Restaurant

This is not a sponsored post.  I am writing about these restaurants because I loved them and want to share them with you!I usually post new, original recipes here, but today we're taking a little eating trip through Seattle instead.  I visited that town recently, and the food was simply to good to go without … [Read more...]

Gifts For the Cook Who (You Think) Has Everything – 2014

Gifts For the Cook Who (You Think) Has Everything - 2014

I'm guessing you have a foodie friend who you think has every cooking tool, every cookbook, and every piece of cooking equipment.  That friend is me!  So you see, I fancy myself an expert in the ideal cooking gift department.  Oh, and I only include products in my gift guides, that I either have and love, or want and … [Read more...]

Olive Oil-Thyme Poached Salmon Recipe and Introducing the “Two Extra Virgins” and the Arianna Trading Company

Arianna Trading Co. | cookingontheweekends.com

This is not a sponsored post -- as always I only write about things I love. I've been wine tasting, cheese tasting, chocolate tasting, and now I can add olive oil tasting to the list -- thanks to Melissa's Produce, Laura Bashar, Mary Platis and Geroge Menzelos.Melissa's Produce hosted a lovely book signing … [Read more...]

Roasted Hatch Chile-White Peach Salsa Recipe and an Awesome Hatch Chile Package Giveaway! {Giveaway Closed}

Roasted Hatch Chile-Peach Salsa and Double Cookbook Giveaway | cookingontheweekends.com

Winter, spring, summer, hatch, and fall.Some consider Hatch Chile season as important as any other season -- and they fit it in so snugly between summer and fall.This very special season only lasts about six weeks, during August and September.  So don't waste a moment before you get them.  (Of course, you might … [Read more...]

Cookbook Giveaway! Everyday Thai Cooking {GIVEAWAY CLOSED}


Though I’d love for you to take your time, if  you want to jump to the bottom of the post to enter this awesome cookbook giveaway, I won’t be offended.I've had a lot of fantastic culinary opportunities come my way, and I especially love cookbook launch parties and signings.  It's fun to meet the authors, see … [Read more...]

Roasted Red Fresno Pepper Pesto Recipe

Roasted Red Fresno Pepper Pesto Recipe

There are a handful of foods I like to have at the ready at all times:  cooked rice, homemade salad dressing, compound butters, cookie dough, and pesto -- just to name a few.This is a thick, spicy and slightly sweet pesto that's amazingly delicious . . . on everything!  Which is exactly why it should be "at the … [Read more...]

Smoky Three-Pepper Corn Chowder Recipe + The Great Pepper Cookbook Giveaway! {GIVEAWAY CLOSED}

Smoky Three Pepper Corn Chowder Recipe | Cooking On The Weekends

Though I'd love for you to take your time, if  you want to jump to the bottom of the post for the recipe and to enter the giveaway, I won’t be offended. ;-) ~ ~ ~ Peppers, peppers, peppers!  From mild to wild, get ready for a whole lot of them.  From this crazy good chowder to a fiery pesto and a spicy, hearty egg … [Read more...]

Smoky Potato-Pickled Tomato Bites and Savory Cocktails

Smoky Potato-Pickled Tomato Bites and Savory Cocktails | Cooking On The Weekends

Greg Henry of SippitySup was one of the first people who welcomed me into the food blogging community a couple of years ago, just before I started Cooking On The Weekends.I loved SippitySup immediately, and it's no wonder that since I met Greg, he's had his first two cookbooks published: Savory Pies and Savory … [Read more...]

Cookbook Giveaway! An Artist’s Kitchen: Food, Art & Wisdom of a Bohemian Cowboy {GIVEAWAY CLOSED}

September 2-Kenvin Art Book612

Okay, so I know for the last few days I've been wrapping up my August cooking event, but I'm really excited to share this cookbook with you, and yes, give one away -- possibly to you!  And I promise you a new, delicious recipe tomorrow -- it's already out of the oven and cooling! ;-))This book was given to me  from … [Read more...]