Creamy Rosemary-Dubliner Polenta with Crispy Pancetta Recipe

Creamy Rosemary Dubliner Polenta with Crispy Pancetta1

This polenta dish can be a side or main course -- it's incredibly hearty, packed with flavor and it's comforting beyond belief!Yep, it's absolutely as delicious as it sounds.I'm not kidding around here -- this is one comforting dish you won't want to miss!  Between the warmth of the rosemary and the sweet, nutty … [Read more...]

Spiced Pork and Mango Chimichurri Lettuce Wraps Recipe

Spiced Pork and Mango Chimichurri Lettuce Wraps Recipe

The most scrumptious lunch or dinner, these gluten-free wraps are filled with tender, warmly spiced pork, juicy, sweet mango and chimichurri sauce with a delicious kick! I've always put mangoes high up on a pedestal.  From their beautiful orange-red skin and brilliant golden flesh, to their tropical, floral fragrance … [Read more...]

10 Beautiful Blood Orange Recipes

Blood Orange Recipes

The Beauty of a Blood Orange knows no bounds -- this winter citrus should be celebrated!  If you visit Cooking On The Weekends regularly, you know I often love to pause and admire the beauty of whole, fresh ingredients.A blood orange is a perfect example of a food that is art.  I mean, are you kidding me!?  Look at … [Read more...]

Blood Orange-Turmeric Upside Down Pound Cake Recipe

Blood Orange-Turmeric Upside Down Pound Cake

This picturesque cake will wow your guests -- it's gorgeous and packed with delicious fresh flavors and buttery goodness! Inspiration for my recipes comes from all over the place. It can be anything from the produce that's in season and the temperature outside, to the mood I'm in and flavors I'm craving.  It can also … [Read more...]

Knockwurst and the Best Baked Beans Ever

Knockwurst and Baked Beans Recipe

The most delicious baked beans you will ever taste. Promise.When I came to the Baked Beans in my Grandmother's recipe collection, my jaw dropped.  For real!This recipe is no joke!  It's a bunch a crazy tasty ingredients that marry together in a low oven all day long.  All day!Unlike my Grandmother's Stuffed … [Read more...]

Triple Chocolate Gluten-Free Biscotti Recipe

Triple Chocolate Gluten-Free Biscotti

This biscotti is crisp, sweet, full of chocolate and will dip perfectly into your morning coffee. I was getting ready to make espresso biscotti, that I'd been imagining I'd be dunking in my coffee, when my 12-year-old son walked into the kitchen and asked me three questions in a row, without pause and full of … [Read more...]

Vegan Tomato-Turmeric Cabbage Stew Recipe

Spicy Vegan Tomato-Turmeric Cabbage Stew Recipe

This meatless stew is as hearty as the next one, and as delicious as they come!  It's packed with tender vegetables in a rich blend of spices and tomatoes -- you will devour every last bite!Just as there are trends for jeans people are wearing, there are trends for the sort of foods people are cooking and … [Read more...]

How to Use Fresh Turmeric

How to Use Fresh Turmeric

Fresh Turmeric is easy to use and it's gorgeous!  Known for giving curry its golden color, turmeric has a peppery, warm flavor and a fragrance reminiscent of citrus and ginger.  Widely used in Indian and other South Asian cuisines, it's also known for having numerous health benefits.According to Melissa's Produce, … [Read more...]

Stuffed Cabbage Recipe with Tomato Caramelized Onion Sauce

Stuffed Cabbage-Recipe with Caramelized Onion Tomato Sauce

A rich, warmly spiced sauce wraps itself around each of the beef and rice filled cabbage rolls, making for the most delicious comfort food this winter!My Grandmother was an excellent cook.Everything was always delicious and the table was always set perfectly.  (I told you about how fancy I thought my Grandparents … [Read more...]