Cherry Bacon Blueberry Kebab Recipe

Cherry-Bacon Blueberry Kebabs

A red, white and blue recipe for the 4th of July.A sweet, tart, and smoky appetizer. A Caprese of sorts.A delightful, super pretty summer hors d'oeuvre.Yep, it's all that.  Call these beautiful, quick and easy kebabs what you will -- any which way they're absolutely delicious!Cherry Bacon Blueberry … [Read more...]

Crispy Hash Browns, Eggs and a Side of Bacon

Crispy Hash Browns, Eggs and a Side of Bacon | Cooking On The Weekends

You could have hash browns, bacon and eggs -- each one a couple inches apart form the other on a somewhat sparse looking plate.  That could be good -- however, what if you fancied up this traditional breakfast combination, and put them neatly together in a cute little ramekin?I'll tell you exactly what . . . you'd … [Read more...]