Strawberry-Rosemary Cake Recipe

Strawberry-Rosemary Cake Recipe |

I know I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again — just because it’s made in a bread pan, doesn’t necessarily mean it should be called “bread.”  You could call this recipe bread, but who would you be kidding?  It’s cake!  And “muffins” — don’t even get me started. Moving right along . . […]

Blue Corn Blueberry Chocolate Muffins {Gluten-Free Recipe}

Gluten-Free Blue Corn Blueberry Muffin Recipe | Cooking On The Weekends

For the last few months there’s been a bag of blue cornmeal in my pantry, starring at me, asking — begging, really — to be turned into something wonderful. Today was the day I decided exactly what that something wonderful would be. I had the blueberries, and well, when added to a title with “blue […]

Organic Palm Sugar-Cinnamon Bread Recipe

Organic Palm Sugar Cinnamon Bread | Cooking On The Weekends

Disclaimer: This is really cake — however, I call it cake when it’s round and frosted, and bread when it’s a loaf and is without frosting.  (A bit quirky, I know.) Close your eyes, sprinkle your tongue with it, and it’s melting caramel.  Or wait, is it butterscotch?  Maybe it could be sweet, brown butter?

Best Avocado Recipes!

Best Avocado Recipes! | Cooking On The Weekends

* Links to all of these avocado recipes are below * The California avocado season for this year is March to September.  So there’s no better time to be eating avocados than right this minute! On Tuesday I shared my recipe for Lemon Chipotle Guacamole, and told you about the California Avocado Commission Blogger Luncheon […]

Spiced Apricot Carrot Bread Recipe

Spiced Apricot Carrot Bread Recipe | Cooking On The Weekends

Sweet or savory?  What do you fancy in the morning? My choice is sweet — especially for an early breakfast.  This is mostly because sweet goes so well with my perfect cup of coffee.  I adore chunks of sweetly spiced granola swimming in milk, soft muffins and short breads lightly toasted with butter melting over […]

Valentine’s Day Chocolate Recipes – 2013!

Valentine's Day Chocolate | Cooking On The Weekends

Maybe we should just break down and call February 14th Chocolate Day — don’t you think!? Let’s be real, are we celebrating love or chocolate? These are some of my favorite, beautiful chocolate treats I’ve created since my Valentine’s Day Chocolate 2012 post.  They’re pictured above and the recipes are linked to their titles below […]

French Toast Bread Pudding Recipe

French Toast Bread Pudding  | Cooking On The Weekends

Have you ever been in a restaurant and tasted something so incredibly good that you just couldn’t leave without finding out how it was made?  Sometimes I’m only curious about the cooking technique or about the ingredients used — but there was one occasion when I was desperate to know everything. Oddly enough, this incident […]

Sweet, Spiced Kale Currant Muffins

Spiced Kale Currant Muffins | Cooking On The Weekends

I did not make these super delicious, sweet muffins to get my kids to eat more leafy greens!  😉 I created them because I thought they would be an incredibly flavorful treat — that would happen to be chock-full of nutrients. My Los Angeles Food Blogger group got a special visit from Cut n’ Clean […]

Friday Flowers: Morning Glories and Roasted Hatch Chile Zucchini Bread Recipe


My Hatch Chile Festival is coming to a close . . . though I might throw a few on the grill this Labor Day Weekend. And my final Hatch Chile recipe is a sweet one. A very sweet one! Sweet and subtly spicy! While this is truly is a dessert, it’ll surely stand out as a breakfast, brunch, […]

Roasted Hatch Chile Cornbread Casserole {Gluten-Free Recipe}


I’m having a Hatch Chile Festival. In my kitchen. (This is not to be confused with the enormous Hatch Chile festival going on Labor Day Weekend in New Mexico.  My kitchen is a bit smaller than New Mexico.) Truth is, all of my beautiful Hatch chiles from Melissa’s have indeed been contributing to a festive […]

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