Enjoya Pepper Recipes!

Roasted Enjoya Pepper Wrapped Sole Recipe

Enjoya peppers are stunning and delicious!  Here they're roasted with fish, layered in caprese, and are the perfect crunch when used as "bread" in a sandwich. Click on the recipe titles below to hop over to the recipes.  I hope you'll pour over the beautiful pictures here first, but if you're famished, you can … [Read more...]

Spring Asparagus Grilled Cheese + 8 Favorite Asparagus Recipes


It's cute, crazy delicious and they sing springtime.  What more could you want in a grilled cheese sandwich!?  This is one of a few Easter recipes I wrote for Momtastic.  You can get the recipe and see it featured here.  Enjoy!Below are a few more of my favorite asparagus recipes -- all of which would be delightful … [Read more...]

Tangerine Caprese Kebab Recipe

Tangerine Caprese Kebab Recipe | Cooking On The Weekends

Another delightful, delicious holiday hors d'oeuvre recipe!  How pretty and festive would this be along with a few of these, for a New Year's Eve cocktail party?Just look at how vibrant and beautiful the orange color of the tangerine is!  These are  Neapolitan (also called Page) Tangerines.  These are true gems!  … [Read more...]

Holiday Hors D’Oeuvre Party Recipes – 2013

Holiday Hors D'Oeuvre Party Recipes | Cooking On The Weekends with Valentina

With just a few more days before Christmas, and  about a week before New Year's Eve, we're starting to write shopping lists and plan the cooking!I love a delicious Holiday Hors D'Oeuvre party!  One to two bites, pretty colors, easy to handle and a burst of flavor.  A perfect hors d'oeuvre should have these four … [Read more...]

Best Basil Recipes

Best Basil Reicpes | Cooking On The Weekends

Recently on my Cooking On The Weekends Facebook Page, I asked the question, "If you had to name one food that most quickly brings your mind to summer, what would it be?"  Amidst all of the peaches and strawberries, basil was a recurring answer.So while I plan to bring you many peach and strawberry recipes … [Read more...]

Lemon-Basil Strawberry Caprese Recipe

Lemon-Basil Strawberry Caprese Recipe | Cooking On The Weekends

I've been tasting strawberries for the past few weeks at my local Farmer's Market, and they're getting sweeter and sweeter, and this past Sunday they were so amazing that I bought two, three packs at once.  To be clear, that's six baskets!Today I have five single strawberries left.Sure I there's my husband and … [Read more...]

Peach Caprese with Balsamic Glaze


Traditional Caprese, as you probably know, is made of fresh buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes and basil. This Insalata Caprese is thought to have originated in Capri, hence its name.My Caprese originated in my mind -- a place not quite as glamorous as Capri.  It features thinly sliced peaches and asparagus.  It's as … [Read more...]