Best Hatch Chile Recipes

My Best Hatch Chile Recipes |

Get the above Hatch chile recipes by clicking on their images at the bottom of this post. Within about 3 weeks, you will start to see the very special, very delicious Hatch chiles at your local markets.  And when you do, I suggest taking advantage of it, because their season is only about 6 weeks long. … [Read more...]

Smoky Hatch Chile Skillet Cornbread Recipe {Gluten-Free}

Smoky Hatch Chile Skillet Cornbread Recipe {Gluten-Free} | Cooking On The Weekends

When I shared my recipe for Jalapeño-Bacon Cornbread, I told you how invaluable a cast iron skillet is.Here's the deal -- if you develop flavors in the same skillet where you're going bake, your dish will be that much more flavorful, crispy and delicious.  You know how what's left stuck to the sides and bottom of … [Read more...]

Roasted Hatch Chile Cornbread Casserole {Gluten-Free Recipe}


I'm having a Hatch Chile Festival.In my kitchen.(This is not to be confused with the enormous Hatch Chile festival going on Labor Day Weekend in New Mexico.  My kitchen is a bit smaller than New Mexico.)Truth is, all of my beautiful Hatch chiles from Melissa's have indeed been contributing to a festive … [Read more...]

Skillet Jalapeño-Bacon Cornbread Recipe {Gluten-Free}


My cast iron skillet is one of the things in my kitchen that I absolutely cannot imagine living (or at least cooking) without!  I use it at least once a day -- usually a few times.   Can one be in love with a skillet? (Well, I am.)In fact, I even bake bread in my skillet.This week is all about firing up the … [Read more...]