26 Delicious Idaho Potato Recipes #HappyBirthdayDrPotato


26 mouth-watering recipes created with several Idaho potato varieties -- from soups and French fries, to casseroles and cakes, they're all going to make you happy! Today I'm celebrating Don Odiorne (AKA Dr. Potato)!  It's his birthday, and I can't very well let it go by without sharing delicious recipes created from … [Read more...]

Garlic-Onion Crispy Fingerling Potato Recipe

Garlic-Onion Crispy Fingerling Potato Recipe  - Cooking On The Weekends

Sometimes I feel like I'm in a hurry all of the time.  Actually, I'll be honest, I am in a hurry all of the time.  I'm always trying to fit as many things as I can into one day, and wishing for more hours all the while.  I know I'm not alone, so let's do something different today.Let's slow down!  And yes, I know, … [Read more...]

French Fry Frittata Recipe with Chipotle Chorizo Sauce


Do you remember when we made Smoky Chipotle Parmesan French Fries?I sure do!Not only are they incredibly delicious, but they kind of put me on the map!  The food blog map that is!  I'm very grateful to those tasty fries!You know by now that chipotles are one of my favorite ingredients, and I love developing … [Read more...]