Passion Fruit Chocolate Ganache Bars

Passion Fruit Chocolate Ganache Bars -- Sweet, tart and oh-so-chocolaty! Rich, creamy and oh-so dreamy! It's the perfect Valentine's Day dessert.

Sweet, tart and oh-so-chocolaty! Rich, creamy and oh-so dreamy! Valentine’s Day is all about chocolate and passion, right?I’m sure we can definitely agree on at least the chocolate!  Either way,  this passion fruit chocolate ganache dessert is perfect.This dessert can be made into these bars, as a pie or tart.  … [Read more...]

Peanut Butter Chocolate Decadence


I love the month of June!It's the month I married my husband (10 years ago).It's the month my brother was born.It's when we celebrate our fathers.It's when summer begins and when mornings are foggy.Last weekend, my husband and I shared an incredible dessert the night of our anniversary.  It was so … [Read more...]

Dessert Party: Salted Caramel Chocolates

July17-Dessert-Party-Salted Caramel Choc

Welcome to the first official Cooking On The Weekends dessert party!I hope you prepped with me last week and are ready to create the insanely rich, unbelievably delicious, and beautiful treats I'll be presenting to you at our party. If you didn't, fear not -- save it all for a delightful weekend cooking … [Read more...]

Dessert Party: How To Make Ganache

How to Make Ganache

Here's the deal.  Next week I'm  throwing  a very sweet dessert party -- a virtual one, that is. It's happening right here on Cooking On The Weekends, and it's just for you!Whenever I have a party of any kind, I do as many of the preparations ahead of time as possible.  So this week, we're making a few of the key … [Read more...]