Kotosoupa Recipe {Greek Chicken-Lemon Soup}

Kotosoupa Recipe-Greek Chicken Lemon Soup | cookingontheweekends.com

Move over Chicken Noodle, here comes something a little more interesting, and perhaps even more comforting.After I ate every last bit of the Skorthalia that I loved so much at The Greek Authentic Cuisine, I had a bowl of an incredibly delicious, traditional Greek soup called Kotosoupa.  Whether you want to soothe a … [Read more...]

Skorthalia Recipe {Greek Garlic-Potato Dip}

Skorthalia Recipe {Greek Garlic-Potato Dip} | cookingontheweekends.com

Last weekend, with live Greek music and plates breaking in the background, I ate one of the most delicious Greek meals ever.The Greek Authentic Cuisine restaurant is in downtown Santa Cruz, CA.Amongst a few chefs in the open kitchen, I could see the owner, a Greek man, Vasili Karagiannopoulos, overseeing the … [Read more...]