Sunomono Salad, Minty Popsicles, Vanilla Smoothies, and Spicy Salsa: All full of Kisses!


Kiss melons have worked their way onto my favorite foods list. And my favorite foods list is quite exclusive. (Even if you know another food on the list, it’s hard to get on, or move your way up.)   by

Cooking On The Weekends + Sandstone Melons


True story: A little over a year ago, I ran out for some sushi rolls at our local market and returned home with the best melon I’ve ever tasted — a Sugar Kiss.  (Good thing the produce department had a tray of samples out, because I can’t pass those by!) After my family and I […]

Friday Flowers: Chive Flowers and Melon Gazpacho Recipe


My 5-year old son has a serious sweet tooth. The cutest thing ever is when he asks me which tooth it is, and why there’s only one! So needless to say, this little guy absolutely loves melon — especially Kiss melons, which are super sweet and flavorful! The Sugar Kiss, Honey Kiss and Golden Kiss […]

Cucumber Melon Salad Recipe with Yuzu-Jalapeño Dressing

Cucumber Melon Salad Recipe with Yuzu-Jalapeño Dressing | Cooking On The Weekends

Remember the Sugar Kiss melon that I fell in love with?  Ah . . . the love affair continues:   Sugar Kiss melons just melt in your mouth and are right up there with desserts in the sweetness department! Well, once I had the Sugar Kiss, I had to try the Honey Kiss and the […]

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