Valentine’s Day Chocolate Recipes – 2013!

Valentine's Day Chocolate | Cooking On The Weekends

Maybe we should just break down and call February 14th Chocolate Day -- don't you think!?Let's be real, are we celebrating love or chocolate?These are some of my favorite, beautiful chocolate treats I've created since my Valentine's Day Chocolate 2012 post.  They're pictured above and the recipes are linked to … [Read more...]

Spicy Mayan Hot Chocolate with Red Savina Habanero Peppers


This is one hot chocolate that I would not serve to my kids.Oh no -- this fiery H-O-T-hot chocolate is for the grown-up palate only.Melissa’s Red Savina Habanero is one of the hottest chile peppers in the world!In the world!And it's this pepper that makes this hot chocolate unique and so delicious. The … [Read more...]