Roasted Kale Sprout Salad with Pickled Beets, Mandarins & Spicy Pecans

Kale Sprouts for Roasted Kale Sprout Salad with Pickled Beets, Mandarins & Spicy Pecans | Cooking On The Weekends

Once again, good things seem to come in small packages.  A cross between Russian Red Kale and Brussels Sprouts, Kale Sprouts look like a tiny head of kale . . . until you slice them in half, at which point they resemble a brussels sprout.  Delicious and simply gorgeous, either way. Grown in California, Kale […]

16 Delicious Potato Recipes for Potato Lovers’ Month

16 Delicious Potato Recipes for Potato Lovers' Month | Cooking On The Weekends

We must celebrate potatoes before February is over. It’s not like we don’t enjoy potatoes all the time, but you see, February is Potato Lovers’ Month! Potatoes are a quintessential ingredient in almost any comfort food dish.  And why wouldn’t they be?  Pulled from the earth, they’re warming, buttery, creamy, and hearty. by


Top 2012 Recipes | Cooking On The Weekends

I don’t make a list of New Year’s Resolutions.  I used to, but if I didn’t accomplish the things I’d set out to, well, that was a bum out.  Instead, as I get ready for the new year, I make a list of what I did accomplish and feel good about. One of the things […]

Kale-Grape Salad with Thai Curry Vinaigrette, Potatoes and Honey Glazed Pistachios


Kale has been one of the hippest, hottest, healthiest foods for a few years now. (Well, it’s been one of the healthiest foods since forever.) I love kale chips. Don’t most of us? I also love kale sautéed until it caramelizes.  Yum! I didn’t, however, think I loved raw kale.  At least, not until recently. by

Vegetarian Cassoulet Recipe

Vegetarian Cassoulet Recipe |

I’m in.  Deep in, my friends. Deep into my cannelloni bean phase, that is!  Oh yes, it’s on! First we cooked the beans, then we made that super scrumptious salad, and today I’m serving up this amazing vegetarian comfort food dish with them. Cassoulet is a rich, slow-cooked bean stew or casserole originating in the […]

Spicy Kale Soup with Roasted Pepper and Tomato


Yesterday when I went to buy some of my favorite chocolate bars, I was a bit distracted because of the “health food faire,” the grocery store was hosting. Not exactly what I want around me when I’m buying my chocolate! I did however manage to squeeze past the throng of fitness trainers, vitamin reps, and […]

Kale: A Great Time To Plant Now! {from UrbanFig}


I’m so excited to introduce you to my friend Carol Carimi Acutt, founder of UrbanFig!  Carol’s site is all about sharing ideas, products & tips for backyard farming.  As you know, I absolutely love  cooking with farm fresh ingredients — and how awesome if they were from your own backyard!? by

Red Pepper Kale Pesto for October #Unprocessed!


Guess what I did?  I took the October Unprocessed pledge!  Yes, it’s true!  My friend Andrew Wilder, founder of Eating Rules, has been hosting this event for the past few years.  I was thrilled when he asked me if I’d like to create a recipe for this year’s October Unprocessed event! Here’s my guest post […]

Roasted Kale Chip-Quinoa Salad With Pancetta and Tomato Vinaigrette


Did you know kale chips are not just for eating on their own!? I made this salad for the first time yesterday, and I absolutely love it!  It’s healthy, beautiful, sweet, crisp, and full of flavor.  It’s a meal. It’s a side dish. It’s lunch, brunch, or dinner. And it’s so crazy delicious! In my […]

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