20 Cool Gifts For Foodies For Under $20 – 2012

20 Gifts For Foodies For Under $20 cookingontheweekends.com

If you’re shopping for your foodie friends this holiday season, here are some fantastic gift ideas  — all for under $20.  Each of the items on this list are either something I already have and use almost daily — or they’re something I want! Off we go . . . Click on the images or […]

Top Ten Things I Can’t Live Without — In The Kitchen!


Truthfully, there are more than ten things I couldn’t live without in my kitchen — however, these are the most important.  Now, could I really not live without them?  What do you think?  Yes, of course I’d continue breathing if someone took away my cast iron skillet!  Would I be sad with out it?  Oh […]

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