Chorizo-Potato Spiced Sesame Hand Pies Recipe

Chorizo-Potato Spiced Sesame Hand Pies -- It's packed with Cacique® Pork Chorizo, Cacique® Panela cheese and creamy potatoes -- and it's all inside a flaky, buttery, sesame crust. One won't be enough!

A savory, comforting and scrumptious hand pie for any time of year!  It's packed with delicious Cacique® Pork Chorizo, Cacique® Panela cheese and creamy potatoes -- and all inside a flaky, buttery, sesame crust.  One won't be enough!This is a sponsored post by Cacique Inc. and Society Culinaria.  All opinions are my … [Read more...]

Best Hatch Chile Recipes

My Best Hatch Chile Recipes |

Get the above Hatch chile recipes by clicking on their images at the bottom of this post. Within about 3 weeks, you will start to see the very special, very delicious Hatch chiles at your local markets.  And when you do, I suggest taking advantage of it, because their season is only about 6 weeks long. … [Read more...]

Smoky Chipotle Mango Quesadilla Recipe

Smoky Chipotle Mango Quesadilla | Cooking On The Weekends

When two of my (many) favorite foods on the planet are a a match made in heaven, as a pair they might just surpass everything else.Smoky, spicy chipotle peppers and sweet, tangy mangoes create the most unbelievable flavor combination imaginable.  This delectable summer quesadilla can be served in small slices as an … [Read more...]

Cinco de Mayo Recipes 2013

Cinco de Mayo Recipes | Cooking On The Weekends

You still have time!  Quick, call a few friends and invite them for a casual, fun Cinco de Mayo fiesta.If I'm being honest, my favorite part about Cinco de Mayo is the food.Pictured above are a few of my recent Cinco de Mayo recipes and a few others with incredibly delicious Latin flavors.  Here are the links … [Read more...]

Ancho Chile Enchilada Sauce Recipe


My favorite thing to do with leftovers is to crack an egg over them -- over easy, please.  And that's what I suggest you do today with your  Thanksgiving leftovers!I know you've likely been cooking all week -- and guess what?  -- we're carrying on over here at Cooking On The Weekends!  That's just what we do. (And … [Read more...]

Cinco de Mayo Recipes: Tomatillo Shrimp Ceviche

¿Cuál es yo?

Do you have a friend who -- no matter how much time goes by without talking -- you still feel totally connected?My dear friend Pilar lives in Madrid, Spain.  I lived there for a year and -- just by chance  my study abroad program placed me in her apartment.  We became close friends instantly and we felt like … [Read more...]

Smoky Chipotle Breakfast Nachos Recipe


While I'd like to tell you my husband has a very refined palate and is my best recipe "taster," he's not. Of the three boys in my house, you'd think he'd have the most potential.  I mean, for starters, he's over seven years old.The thing is, he thinks everything is great.  Wonderful, right?  Well. . . not always.  … [Read more...]