Smoky Lemon-Paprika Quinoa Recipe

Smoky Lemon Paprika Quinoa Recipe | Cooking On The Weekends

I love smoked paprika -- and even more, I love when I'm able to add the word "smoky" to a recipe title.  It seems to add allure and mystery -- and it always hints towards deliciousness.This is no ordinary quinoa my friends, each seed (yup, quinoa is a seed, not a grain), is packed with the flavors of the smoked … [Read more...]

Organic Mixed Fruit Box from Melissa’s Produce

Organic Fruit Box From Melissa's

It's rare these days to get anything other than bills and ads in the (snail) mail. So imagine my delight to find a big box at my doorstep when I arrived home the other day. And now imagine how happy I was to unveil a gorgeous collection of seasonal organic fruits! … [Read more...]

Introducing Sumo Citrus

Introducing Sumo Tangerines | Cooking On The Weekends

Sumo Citrus has a thick, bumpy, often dirty rind and a funny knob on top -- however, you should never judge citrus by its skin.You see beneath the seemingly tough rind, is a seedless, delicate, unbelievably juicy fruit -- and it's quite possibly the sweetest citrus I've ever tasted.Sumo Citrus has been getting … [Read more...]

Red Swiss Chard Pesto Recipe

Red Swiss Chard Pesto Recipe | Cooking On The Weekends

I don't take vitamins.  (GASP -- I really hope my mom isn't reading this!)I do however, eat vitamins.You know how I've been so into my new cookbook from Melissa's Produce, 50 Best Plants on the Planet?  Well not only am I now eating cilantro and blackberries by the bucket-full, but Swiss chard has completely … [Read more...]

Citrus Steamed Asparagus and Crispy Asparagus Garnish


Over Rambutini cocktails yesterday, I promised we'd plan our entrée for a dinner party for this weekend.(Have you invited your guests?)And the entrée is . . . Muscato Grape-Shallot Pork Chops with Mashed Okinawan Sweet Potatoes and Citrus Steamed Asparagus.This Citrus Steamed Asparagus is going to brighten … [Read more...]

Friday Flowers: Daisies and Lemon Pepper Chocolate Truffles

Friday Flowers: Yellow Daisies & Lemon Pepper Chocolate Truffles |

I'm a lucky girl.Every year my in-laws bring me wonderful, wonderful chocolates from Europe.  Receiving them is one of the most delightful treats ever!This year one of the chocolates from Belgium was flavored with lemon and black pepper.  I hadn't tried that flavor combination before, and to be honest, I wasn't … [Read more...]

Strawberry-Grape Grilled Cheese with Brie and Lemony Basil


Sometimes I spend days creating recipes in my mind.Sometimes I spend hours, sometimes minutes, and sometimes just seconds.This one came to me almost instantly for a few reasons: I was famished. I had a craving for red grapes and brie the other day, so I had them on hand. My dad had just given me a big bag … [Read more...]

California King Salmon with Lemon-Caper Pesto and Zucchini


I'm generally pretty laid back.I hang out in my sweats, I wear flip-flops or Uggs, and I love to have casual dinner parties on my sofa, where I serve a cozy one-pot meal!While I didn't put heels on or anything, (let's not get too crazy), I did recently make a "fancy" dinner.  Oh, it's fancy alright.This … [Read more...]

Lemon Caper Pesto Recipe


It was a typical summer day for my boys and me.For my boys, there was a lot of Lego building, a lot of art, and a brief dip in the pool down the road.For me, there was a lot of Lego clean-up, a lot of cleaning art detritus, a brief dip in the pool down the road -- and slipping in and out of the kitchen to  … [Read more...]

Almond-Meyer Lemon Loaf Cake with Olive Oil {Gluten-Free Recipe}

Almond-Meyer Lemon Loaf Cake with Olive Oil {Gluten-Free} |

I'm really in the mood for a good summer brunch.  Truthfully, I'm usually in the mood brunch -- no matter what season we're in. However, summer weekends seem to lend themselves to brunch.  Lazy mornings, lots of sunshine, coffee brewing, friends, family, and lots of delicious weekend recipes.  Sounds good to me --  … [Read more...]