Braised Short Rib Stew with Creamy Gorgonzola Polenta and Swiss Chard

Braised Short Rib Stew with Creamy Gorgonzola Polenta and Swiss Chard

This braised short rib recipe is the most delicious, comforting and cozy meal for the winter months. Trust me!You'll find comfort in every bite of this meal.It's it every shred of the tender beef that's falling off the bone.It's in every slice of caramelized onion, and in the soft, sweet carrots.There's … [Read more...]

THE Breakfast Taco Recipe

The Breakfast Taco-fried eggs-yellow-tortilla-red |

It's not just a breakfast taco -- it's the breakfast taco. My 11-year-old son loves tacos, and by "loves," I mean he devours them, makes up songs about them and even urns them into super heroes in stories he writes.  Yes, a taco. A super hero.So the other day, he suggested I make a breakfast taco.  Fun!  Nothing … [Read more...]

Vegan Creamy Mushroom Soup Recipe

Skinny Cream of Mushroom Soup |

There's Cream of Mushroom Soup and then there's Creamy Mushroom Soup.Both are delicious, but the Creamy Mushroom Soup is made sans cream -- though you'd never know it.  Never.The super creamy texture comes from the puréeing process, which is best achieved in a powerful blender.  This, plus the earthy flavor of … [Read more...]

Eight Awesome Grilled Side Dish Recipes

Eight Awesome Grilled Side Dish Recipes | #memorialdayrecipes

It's Memorial Day weekend and we're firing up the grill, and inviting friends over to enjoy this summer kick-off with a delicious BBQ. … [Read more...]

Swiss Chard Vegetarian Lasagna Recipe – It’s Not What You’d Think

Vegetarian Chard Lasagna Recipe | Cooking On The Weekends

Coming from a family of gardeners, you'd think I'd have a green thumb.   Well, I don't.  My thumb, if you will, is somewhere between brown and olive green -- at best.Fortunately my family lives close by, and I have wonderful neighbors, who all have bright green thumbs, and they invite me in to "shop" in their … [Read more...]

Rosemary Mushroom Soup Recipe

Rosemary Mushroom Soup | Cooking On The Weekends

Blankets, sweaters, hot cocoa, and soup.These are just a few of the things I love about this time of year.It always amazes me how my desires change as the seasons do.  (Human nature, I know. ;-))Just as I'm so ready for fresh fruit salsas and the hot sun when summer approaches, I'm equally ready and excited … [Read more...]

Sherried Wild Mushrooms with Creamy Parmesan Polenta Recipe

November 1-Wild Mushroom Polenta

I am really and truly not a food snob, unless . . . .  you want me to eat "fake" meat.  Morning Strips?  No thank you. "Chickin’? No thank you.Maybe this is unfair of me since I'm not a vegetarian and enjoy nothing more that braised short ribs on a cool, winter day.  And please, if you love a good slice of Tofurky, … [Read more...]

How To Make Risotto: Brown Sage Butter Mushroom Risotto Recipe


Typically I try not to drone on about technical cooking terms or techniques that I find exciting -- for fear you might not. Today however, I'm going to teach you something you might not know -- and if you don't, I know you'll love the little lesson!I'll never forget when I  learned that Risotto wasn't actually the … [Read more...]

Portabella-Chorizo “Pizza” with Pickled Shallots

Portabella-Chorizo "Pizza" with Pickled Shallots

You know how people say "everything's better with bacon?"  Well, I've officially decided that everything's actually better with Lime-Pickled Shallots!  They definitely made the Asparagus-Parmesan Salad addicting, and wait till you try this "pizza!"Remember that I learned about these wonderful delights as I was … [Read more...]

Sautéed Sherry Mushrooms


While I'm all about making foods that cook all day long -- like Braised Brisket Stew -- I also appreciate a quick and easy dish . . . on one condition, that is.  It must still be full of flavor!Take these Sautéed Sherry Mushrooms for example.  You'll use essentially two ingredients, spend 25 minutes tops, and … [Read more...]