How to Make Perfect Crispy Oven-Roasted French Fries: A Photographic Guide

potatoes-baking sheet-paper towels-How to Make Perfect Crispy Oven Baked French Fries-red-turquoise-tiny bowls | COOKINGONTHEWEEKENDS.COM

Do you love French fries?  Me too.Wanna make them today?  Me too.Yet, do you want to make a big pot of oil super hot and risk making a big greasy mess?  Me neither!Not only are oven roasted French fries mess-free, they're also very easy to make and they're absolutely just as delicious as those dunked in … [Read more...]

Olive Oil Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Olive Oil Chocolate Chip Cookies | Cooking On The Weekends

Healthy, or shall I say healthier eating should never preclude delicious desserts.Now when I made my recipe for Non-Fat Chocolate-Cherry Frozen Yogurt, and shared my high cholesterol story, I told you that I wouldn't go all healthy on you.  That's still the case. ;-)That said though, I've been discovering that … [Read more...]

Grilled Garden Scallions

Grilled Garden Scallions | Cooking On The Weekends

Ten minutes walking, or two minutes driving, is the house I grew up in, my parents, and their beautiful garden.  (If you've been hanging out on my site for a while now, you know about every tenth post or so, I can't help but mention all of the gorgeous fruits and vegetables from this garden.)What's a girl to do … [Read more...]

Marinated Lemon-Garlic Roasted Crouton Recipe

Marinated Lemon-Garlic Roasted Crouton Recipe | Cooking On The Weekends

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know my nine-year-old son has Celiac Disease, and is therefor gluten-free.  You may also remember that my husband -- to stand in solidarity with him -- is also gluten-free. (Very sweet.)I do not abstain from gluten.  (I'm still sweet, though. ;-))  I have a small bag … [Read more...]

Rosemary Potatoes Confit Recipe


Do you remember the Chocolate Peanut Butter Decadence dessert I made?  From my anniversary dinner?Really, how could you not!?Well, I've been holding out out on you. (Don't be mad. ;-))At that same dinner, I also had a fantastic potato dish -- Potatoes Confit.  And yes, I just had to recreate it!Confit … [Read more...]

Friday Flowers: Agapanthus and Crustless Zucchini-Gruyère Tartlets


Summer zucchini recipes!  I just love them! Never mind that our new, cutest puppy ever, makes it impossible for me to have a thriving summer vegetable garden.Never mind that this adorable little canine enjoys digging up the roots of my baby lemon tree.And never mind that the same little sweetie dug all the way … [Read more...]

Meyer Lemon Basil Pizza Recipe


Back in the day, I used to subscribe to at least four food magazines at a time.  (The day in question here was when I was single, had no kids, no pets, and had a whole lot of reading time.)I'd spend hours and hours reading my magazines -- learning, taking notes, adding book marks, and getting culinary … [Read more...]

Grilled Romaine Anchovy Salad Recipe


I have to admit that sometimes I'm disappointed when someone doesn't like an ingredient that I find delicious.I remember someone I met who didn't like coffee, chocolate, or peanut butter.  I mean, seriously?!  How could that person be trusted?!  (And it turned out, he couldn't be!) On the other hand, my good … [Read more...]

Herbed Garlic Bread Recipe


If you've been following me for a while you know my eight-year-old son has Celiac Disease and is therefore 100% gluten-free.  And that my sweet husband became gluten-free, too, to stand in solidarity with him.When my son was diagnosed close to three years ago, our house became pretty much totally … [Read more...]

Avocado Zucchini Bread Recipe With Olive Oil


You know I love avocados, right?  I love them with a bit of sea salt and a spoon. I love them in salads, salsas, and sandwiches, too.  What's not to love?Well, lately avocados have been turning up in all sorts of unexpected recipes:  brownies, cakes, cookies, to name a few.  I wasn't really sold on this idea.  At … [Read more...]