Organic Mixed Fruit Box from Melissa’s Produce

Organic Fruit Box From Melissa's

It's rare these days to get anything other than bills and ads in the (snail) mail. So imagine my delight to find a big box at my doorstep when I arrived home the other day. And now imagine how happy I was to unveil a gorgeous collection of seasonal organic fruits! … [Read more...]

Honey-Glazed Korean Pears in Wonton Crisps with Honey-Cinnamon Mascarpone

November 7-wonton korean pear

Yesterday when I was out walking our sweet puppy, I happened upon a gorgeous Liquid Amber Tree.Unlike other parts of the U.S., in LA it's very rare to come across a tree with leaves changing colors in the fall.Liquid Amber Trees are an exception.I grabbed a handful of the beautiful, vibrantly colored leaves … [Read more...]

Grilled Rib Eye Steak Marinated in Asian Spices and Korean Pear

Grilled-Rib-Eye-Steak-Marinated-in-Asian-Spices and Korean Pear |

You know how different art mediums can be applied in different ways?  For instance, you can apply paint to a canvas in fine strokes with a brush, or use a sponge to add texture.  You can paint on cement to get a rough effect or on silk for something totally different.As you know, food is my medium.Take a Korean … [Read more...]

Asian-Style Slaw Recipe with Korean Pears


Everyone's talking politics, and meanwhile, I'm just over here cooking with my Korean pears. ;-)When I introduced you to these beauties from Melissa's Produce on Monday, it was to tell you how delicious they are and because they will be starring in all my recipes this week.In this Asian-Style Slaw, the Korean … [Read more...]

Introducing Korean Pears

November 3-collage

There's some exciting, good news in the culinary world today.Korean Pear season has begun!The season for these incredible delicious pears has just started, will peak in December, and go through March.Melissa's Produce is the largest distributor of Korean Pears in the United States, and I was fortunate … [Read more...]

Pears . . . Welcoming Fall


Pears were once called "the fruit of kings," and "the fruit of the gods."Cultivated for over four thousand years, I call them divine -- sweet, succulent, aromatic, and juicy.There are hundreds of varieties of pears, and those most familiar to us are likely Bartlette, Bosc, Comice, and D'Anjou  -- to name a … [Read more...]

Holiday Hors D’Oeuvre Party – 2011

December 8-holiday hors d'oeuvre party-grid

People ask me for catering recommendations all the time.I always say the same thing -- Garrick & Miller Fine Catering (!  Always!Their food is unbelievably delicious and simply beautiful.  And they happen to be two of the loveliest people I know!While Grrick & Miller cater all types … [Read more...]

Brûléed Port Wine Poached Pears Two Ways: Sweet and Savory


The sweet: Port Wine Mascarpone Pear Tart Want to feel like a fancy and talented pastry chef?  Excellent. Read on!Brûléed Port Wine Poached Pears are brilliant in both sweet and savory courses!  I'm presenting ideas for an appetizer and a dessert -- and the pears are the star of each one!First, let's make a … [Read more...]