Cinco de Mayo Recipe: Pepper Jack Turkey-Pickled Onion Lettuce Tacos


These bundles of lettuce are packed with superb spicy, savory flavors, and are perfect for a lighter meal to go alongside different salsas and guacamole!I love big flavors.There are certainly times when "a hint" of, or "a splash" of an ingredient is perfect -- however, for the most part, I say just go for it!And … [Read more...]

Best Avocado Grilled Cheese Sandwich Ever

Best Avocado Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe Ever

This is truly the best avocado grilled cheese sandwich of all time!  It's full of delicious, creamy avocado, chorizo, quick-pickled onions and roasted red peppers -- all snug between golden, crisp buttery slices of bread, and melting Manchego cheese.  I'm feeling scattered and emotional today.  With the horrible … [Read more...]