Comforting Potato Dishes For Fall

Idaho Potato Turkey Chili Bowl

Though we all love Idaho Potatoes Through the Seasons, they are as much a fall comfort food as hot chocolate and pumpkin bread pudding!  (You can scroll to the bottom to click on the images to get the recipes . . . or, slow down and enjoy all of the potatoes!)Creamy and rich, hearty and versatile, it's smart to have … [Read more...]

How to Make Perfect Crispy Oven-Roasted French Fries: A Photographic Guide

potatoes-baking sheet-paper towels-How to Make Perfect Crispy Oven Baked French Fries-red-turquoise-tiny bowls | COOKINGONTHEWEEKENDS.COM

Do you love French fries?  Me too.Wanna make them today?  Me too.Yet, do you want to make a big pot of oil super hot and risk making a big greasy mess?  Me neither!Not only are oven roasted French fries mess-free, they're also very easy to make and they're absolutely just as delicious as those dunked in … [Read more...]