Colorful Citrus Carrot Salad Recipe

Colorful Citrus Carrot Salad Recipe -- It's as delicious as it is stunning.

This Colorful Citrus Carrot Salad is as delicious as it is stunning.  It's like an edible painting.   A couple of days ago I told you that Melissa's Produce has declared the Shishito pepper to be the most trendy pepper of 2017.  And today it's a key ingredient in a salad that's trendy for other reasons.Yep, … [Read more...]

Introducing Sumo Citrus

Introducing Sumo Tangerines | Cooking On The Weekends

Sumo Citrus has a thick, bumpy, often dirty rind and a funny knob on top -- however, you should never judge citrus by its skin.You see beneath the seemingly tough rind, is a seedless, delicate, unbelievably juicy fruit -- and it's quite possibly the sweetest citrus I've ever tasted.Sumo Citrus has been getting … [Read more...]

Friday Flowers: Dandelions and Freshly Picked Satsuma Salad Recipe

Freshly Picked Satsuma Salad | Cooking On The Weekends

I'm pretty sure I'll be talking about my parents' garden forever.I can remember picking summer squash when I was 5-years old, and to this very day I'm still picking and eating delicious produce from their garden.Various greens, stunning tomatoes, sweet plums, succulent peaches, hot peppers, apple trees, and … [Read more...]