Sausage Omelet-Filled Poblano Chile Pepper Recipe

Sausage-Pesto Omelet Filled Poblano Chile Pepper Recipe |

Though I really like to keep my focus on delicious food and cooking here, today I’ll share that lately I’ve been consumed with worry about some people in my life who I care deeply for.  One who isn’t well physically, one who isn’t well mentally, and then of course, those around them who are suffering […]

Grand Opening of the Santa Monica Bristol Farms & Hatch Chile Madness!

August 11-Bristol Farms-grid2jpg

A couple of days ago I was invited to the grand opening of a new Bristol Farms in Santa Monica, CA.  When I arrived I couldn’t believe my eyes — the line went from the front door, all the way along the front of the store, wrapped around the corner and continued half way down […]

Chicken Sausage Cassoulet Recipe


In almost every situation — be it a movie, a quick coffee, or a party — I don’t like to exclude anyone who might want to join in. So, if you’re a meat eater, I certainly hope you didn’t think for a moment that I’d leave you out of our cassoulet indulgence!  by

Friday Flowers: Lantana Flowers and Sweet Potato Shitake Sausage Soup with Udon Noodles


My cooking is all about the combination of true comfort foods and farm-fresh ingredients.  I love slow cooking: spending time in the kitchen with the food, learning about each ingredient, getting to the essence of flavor to make it shine. (And incidentally, helping my whole house to smell good for hours on end.)  I call […]

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