Smoky Tomato Fish Stew


I want to clarify something . . .  comfort foods do not have to be rich and heavy! Comfort foods can also be light, refreshing, and healthy!  No question about it!My comfort food of choice varies from day to day really.  One day, my comfort food could be a super yummy salad, the next it could be a spicy noodle … [Read more...]

Seared Sea Scallops with Minted Peas on Wonton Crisps

Seared Sea Scallops with Minted Peas on Wonton Crisps

It's really a shame my husband doesn't eat shellfish.  Really, it is!  (His reason has to do with something about them being in a shell -- don't ask.)Scallops are one my absolute favorite things.  When they're cooked to perfection -- please don't overcook them! -- they're sweet, buttery, rich, and beautiful.And … [Read more...]

Silvia’s Summer Seafood Paella


As you know, we recently took a family vacation to New York.  We planned the trip around the wedding of our close friends, Ed and Danielle.  The wedding was at Danielle's family home in Woodstock, and it was gorgeous!  I could write forever about all the exciting details of the fun wedding -- but, for now I'm focusing … [Read more...]