Champagne Grape-Avocado Bruschetta Recipe

Champagne Grape-Avocado Bruschetta Recipe |

This unique bruschetta could not be more delicious.  It just couldn't be.  (If I do say so myself.)  Not only is this a gorgeous hors d'oeuvre, but it's fantastic over grilled chicken or fish or shellfish.These sweet, succulent, pearl-sized grapes are the smallest seedless grape variety.  And aren't they … [Read more...]

Summer Peach-Basil Grilled Chicken Recipe

Summer Peach-Basil Grilled Chicken Recipe - Saturn Peaches |

Today I have quite a bit to say, so if you're super hungry and ready to cook, skip down to the recipe.  Otherwise, I'd love for you to take your time . . . .A few years ago when I started Cooking On The Weekends, the most valuable advice I was given was to always be authentic.  I listened to that, and I'm so … [Read more...]

Strawberry-Rosemary Cake Recipe

Strawberry-Rosemary Cake Recipe |

I know I've said this before, and I'll say it again -- just because it's made in a bread pan, doesn't necessarily mean it should be called "bread."  You could call this recipe bread, but who would you be kidding?  It's cake!  And "muffins" -- don't even get me started.Moving right along . . . it's that time of year … [Read more...]

Chile-Lime Grilled Watermelon Recipe

Chile-Lime Grilled Watermelon Recipe

Add the tangy flavor of a lime, and the spicy flavor of a hot chile, to sweet, juicy watermelon and see what happens.I think it's an explosion of refreshing deliciousness!It makes this already cooling snack, all the more perfect for a hot summer day.  I served that a casual BBQ along side Grilled Flank Steak … [Read more...]

How to Peel and Cut a Pineapple: A Photographic Guide

How to Peel and Cut a Pineapple:  A Photographic Guide | Cooking On The Weekends

There's not much better than the sweet taste of fresh fruit at the peak of its season.  I am in love with summertime strawberries, mangoes, melons and of course pineapples!This gorgeous fruit might be daunting for some to break into, and that might lead them to the canned fruit isle of the market.  Don't do it!  … [Read more...]

Fresh Cherry Watercress Quesadilla Recipe

Fresh Cherry Watercress Quesadilla Recipe | Cooking On The Weekends

For better or worse, recipe ideas come to me all day long.During conversations, I am known to yell suddenly and without warning.  When witnesses ask me the reason for my exclamation, the answer is always the same:  "I had an idea for a recipe!"I have lists and lists and lists of cooking plans for my family, for … [Read more...]

Minted Strawberry Carpaccio


Call me quirky.I prefer to eat my ice-cream right out of a pint container that I've wrapped in a paper towel.  To me, it tastes better this way.I can't drink coffee out of a glass mug.  It's just not the same.I like to eat a peach in slices.These are just a few of my food quirks!The thing is, the … [Read more...]