Mahi Mahi Stuffed Roasted Hatch Chiles with Tomato Lime Sauce

Mahi Mahi Stuffed Roasted Hatch Chiles with Tomato Lime Sauce

This is one of those recipes where the process is as beautiful as the result.  I encourage you to look through all of the images —including those in the instructions below — to see what I'm talking about!My parents have been married for over 50 years, and are about the same age. They are at very different stages of … [Read more...]

Tomato & Feta Salsa Recipe for Meat or Chicken

Tomato Feta Salsa Recipe for Meat or Chicken

At the super delicious and delightful Summertime Garden Party I went to, my friend Judy made a Mint and Feta Salsa.  It was outstanding, and I'd never before thought of adding cheese to a salsa. It was brilliant!Totally inspired by Judy's creation, I made this salsa with summer tomatoes as the star. The Feta and … [Read more...]

Spicy Serrano Tomato Preserves Recipe

Spicy Serrano-Tomato Preserves

I was just about to say that I can't believe summer is half over, when I realized how much more delightful it would be if I said how great it was that we have half of the summer left.  We have half of the summer left!  There you have it.Tomatoes scream summer.  Especially if you can grab one off a vine in your … [Read more...]

Summer Tomatoes: A Spanish Breakfast


The last time I was in Spain visiting Pilar, her brother Rafael made a breakfast I will never forget.This breakfast was simple, beautiful and delicious!  He made it almost every day -- right at the table! There was always a bowl of freshly picked, sun-kissed, summer tomatoes on the kitchen table in Pilar's family … [Read more...]

Summer Tomatoes: Tomato, Red Onion, and Pesto Open-Faced Sandwich


For as long as I can remember, my parents have abstained from eating tomatoes unless it's summer."Oh, we'd never buy a tomato in the market," my dad says, year after year."We wait for dad's tomatoes -- they're the best," my mom always adds.My dad starts his summer tomato crop from seed -- in little, tiny … [Read more...]