Passion Fruit Mousse Recipe

Passion Fruit Mousse

Thirteen years ago, at a friends birthday party, I had a bite of one of the most delicious things I’d ever tasted.

Passion fruit mousse.

This was not just any passion fruit mousse, oh no — this  one was made by my amazing, Brazilian chef friend, Rosalia.  So I know it was not only created perfectly, but it must have been full of good vibes and love.  (Those are bona fide ingredients, you know.)

It was thick, rich, creamy and ever so delicately flavored with the absolutely dreamy, tropical taste of passion fruit.

You can buy frozen passion fruit juice at most Latin markets — OR — you can learn how easy it is to cut and juice fresh passion fruits here, (which of course I think is the way to go, but I promise I won’t judge if you purchase). 

Passion Fruit Mousse Recipe
Prep time
Total time
Serves: Serves 8 to 10
  1. Use an electric mixer with the whisk attachment to whip the cream until stiff peaks form.
  2. Fold in the passion fruit juice, condensed milk and vanilla and mix only until everything is evenly incorporated.
  3. Chill the mousse in the refrigerator, (covered either in a bowl with plastic wrap or in a plastic container with a lid), for about 2 hours before serving.
Please note that 2 hours of the prep time is inactive. And juicing the passion fruit is not included, which would take about 10 additional minutes.
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    • valentina says

      Hi Mandy, Yes, I serve it in a bowl — I love it alone. A dollop of it would be lovely on a chocolate cake or fruit cobbler, and if you ask my son, dipping Oreo cookies into it is the best! 🙂

  1. Rosalia says

    Oh, Valetina, thank you for the beautiful words. I am sure that with you kindness and
    also love you made the most wonderful Passion Fruit Mousse that one can have.

  2. Adrienne says

    Valentina! That sounds so great that I’m going to make it tomorrow! Your recipes are always perfect! I’ve tried many of them, but this Passion Fruit Mousse recipe is going to be made tomorrow morning! Can’t wait to try it! Thanks!

  3. says

    I saw the preview of this recipe on Facebook and could not wait for the weekend to read about it. This seems so simple and elegant, and yet so simple. I will be serving this for a dinner party soon!

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