Introducing Witch Fingers Grapes

How cool are these grapes!?

I know, right?

It was such a treat when Melissa’s Produce introduced them to me, that I have to do the same for you.

Sure their unique, elongated shape, and gorgeous deep purple color might have grabbed your attention, but it’s their super sweet, delicious flavor that will keep you coming back for more.  And even though they’re incredibly juicy and not one bit dried, they almost taste like raisins.

Witch Fingers are a new artisan hybrid of grape, grown exclusively by one producer in California.   They’re in season in July and August, but at the moment these awesome grapes seem to be available on a week to week basis, and I’m told that will be the case all month.  They’re popularity is growing quickly, so every year their season will become more and more plentiful.

Gelson’s Markets are currently carrying them, but they might be in and out, so call before you head over.  I’m sure you can find them in other stores as well — just call first!  And you can always check with Melissa’s Produce, here. (When they have them in stock, you can order directly from them.)

I could eat these by the bunch all day long!

This is not a sponsored post, I only write about products that I think are fantastic.

                   ~ ~ ~

Oh, and please join in this awesome event with me,


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  1. Jelchi says

    We have similar shaped white grapes in my country, also very tasty, however, the popular name for this grape is “goat’s tits” :D

  2. says

    How cool are these?? I didn’t know Melissa’s would ship – am definitely going to check that out. Isn’t your mind spinnin with ways to use them in cooking? I am somehow imagining braised chicken thighs with these grapes, shallots and rosemary… Thanks for the introduction! ~ David

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