Avocado Fries with Agave-Chipotle Yogurt Dip Recipe

Avocado Fries with Agave-Chipotle Yogurt DipAvocado is one of my favorite foods in the world. Ironically, as a kid I hated it!  And I mean, hid-it-in-my-napkin-under-the-table kind of hate!

I’m not sure when exactly my palate accepted it, but I think it was when I was about ten-years-old and a neighbor served me guacamole salted to perfection and full of perfectly ripe, chopped heirloom tomatoes. Yes, that was it.

Now I truly adore avocados, and not only in their purest state (with a touch of sea salt), but I’m always interested in finding new ways to cook with them.  And this is a great way!  It’s a fry of sorts.  Not a greasy, deep fried, fry — but, a nice creamy-crunchy fry that’s super healthy! Remember the fat in an avocado is the good kind!  A touch of bread crumbs and olive oil is OK, too!

And they are oh-so-yummy with this non-fat yogurt dip, as it’s delightfully light and bursting with sweet and spicy flavors. This could be a beautiful, plated first course at your dinner party, or an incredible snack served family style!

Avocado Fries with Agave-Chipotle Yogurt DipOh, one more thing.  I recently learned all about the California Avocado Commission (at Camp Blogaway, which I can’t wait to tell you about — and I will soon). The best thing I took away from their presentation is how important it is to buy locally grown avocados!

You know what a bummer it is when you cut into an avocado and it’s either fibrous or has dark spots?  That’s from the long travel it often takes avocados to arrive at their final destination. California avocados are in season from about March through September. Go get em!

Avocado Fries with Agave-Chipotle Yogurt Dip

Avocado Fries with Agave-Chipotle Yogurt Dip
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: Serves 2
For the fries:
  • ½ cup Panko breadcrumbs
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • Pepper
  • 1 medium-sized avocado, firm but ripe
  • Olive oil to coat the pan
For the dip:
  • ½ cup non-fat plain yogurt
  • 1 tablespoon Agave nectar
  • ½ teaspoon orange juice
  • ¾ teaspoon minced chipotles in adobo sauce
  • ⅛ teaspoon sea salt
  1. Mix the breadcrumbs with the salt and a bit of pepper. Pour the mixture on a flat plate and set aside. Cover a large plate with a paper towel and set it aside as well.
  2. Cut the avocado in half lengthwise, peel, and then slice each half into approximately five long slices.
  3. Coat a large skillet (cast iron is perfect) with the olive oil and place over high heat. As the pan heats up, place the avocado slices -- one or two at a time -- into the breadcrumbs. Gently press each slice into crumbs, to sure they stick to the avocado. Then, flip the slice over, and repeat.
  4. Once your pan is hot, add the coated avocado slices, leaving a few inches between them. You should hear a sizzling sound when you place them in the pan -- if you don't, wait until the pan it hotter. It's important to wait for the sizzle, or the breadcrumbs won't brown properly. Cook until nicely browned, about 1 minute per side.
  5. Remove the avocado slices from the pan and place on the paper towel-lined plate to drain off any excess oil.
  6. For the dip, mix everything together in a small bowl. Voila!
For a gluten-free version, Kinnikinnick makes Panko-style breadcrumbs. They are available at Whole Foods.

While the combination of the sweet and spicy is divine in the dip, omit the chipotles if you're serving the kiddos! They'll love it!

Check out my step-by-step guide on How To Cut An Avocado to maximize its beauty and taste!



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  1. Maria says

    I loved these!! The only suggestion I have is to spray the avocado slices with Pam before you put them into the Panko crumbs. This will make it so that the Panko crumbs adhere better. Otherwise, amazing!!!

    • valentina says

      Hi Gary, I don’t think baking would work b/c we don’t want to actually cook the avocado — we just want to create the crust. I think using a broiler could be a good option, though. Rather than coating a pan with the oil, simply drizzle it over the coated “fries,” and place them under the broiler until they are golden brown, about 30 seconds or so — then flip them and repeat. This might be a way to use less oil, but I haven’t actually done it this way. Let me know if you try it. Thanks for visiting my site! 🙂

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